No Way Jose’

At 1:31 am I realize that it has been a month.  A whole month.  I don’t want it to be a month…I don’t want it to be a minute.  I never want this year to go by.  I have never experienced anything like I experience every single day now…

July 18th – Dream of becoming Miss Kentucky comes true in a tornado-like experience at the Singletary Center in Lexington…followed by lots of cupcakes and prayers(the sole reason i got that crown, the prayers not the cupcakes).  
July 19th – 21st – Wake up and don’t believe it…followed by 46 hours of running to the other side of the state, throwing every belonging i own in huge black trash bags and beginning my journey to my new home in Lexington…stopped dead in my tracks by the most wonderful surprise homecoming ceremony a small town queen could ever ask for.
July 23ish -29ish – Move In and TV Interviews…followed by watching them and realizing that I am far to excited to do tv interviews yet…calmed down for a day…NOT!
July 28ish – August 10ish – Lots.
August 12th – 17th – Orlando!!…went to the teen pageant in orlando to cheer on my pretty little teen queen madison(aka my sister)…met the contestants(loved all 53 of them, really), filmed our interviews for the tv special, went to universal studios in matching red t-shirts and rode roller coasters, had meetings about MISS AMERICA(ahhhhhhh), received every single ‘as seen on tv’ product known to man(including zebra print snuggies), and got to know each others’ real names(so that we don’t have to call each other by our states anymore) over late night meals at ‘the deli’…it was more fun than Christmas.
I am just so excited!!  I’m not that great at blogging yet.  I’ll get better…I’ll bet my crown on it…
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