Coach Cal Is My Pal…

The Kentucky State Fair Kick Off this morning(at 6:30am…left at 4:30) was not exactly the best diet kick of for me…but toooonnnnnnsssss of fun…tons tons tons.  The Commodities Breakfast this morning was flanked with media, politicians, and one(and shall i say the one and only) brand new basketball coach.  Coach Calipari certainly made a wildcat out of me.  There is a video clip on this website… …you have to watch it…even though I am a goofball on it.  He told funny stories about people in Kentucky being so happy he’s here that he has women coming up and kissing him on the mouth, etc…I swear if Barack Obama had walked into that room not a soul would have turned around.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I’m proud to call Coach Cal my new pal.  (Other friends there: Gov Brashear, Lt Gov Mongiardo, Comm Farmer, Jack Conway, etc.)
I am involved in all of the festivities because I am the new spokesperson for Kentucky Proud…a statewide campaign to eat locally grown and manufactured products(which I am very proud to take on since I grew up on a farm).  Thus I am placed into the hands(and I hear they’re quite the pair of hands to be in judging by how they handled a basketball a few years back) of my new boss and friend, Richie Farmer.  His three boys(and my three new best friends) and I walked around the fair for hours…petting goats with no ears, trying to con the rabbit salesman into letting us have free rabbits, signing autographs, eating (caramel) apples, trying to steal golf carts, etc.  I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!!
Then I raced back to my car to make it to a princess night in Lexington.  I am so tired my lazy eye has taken over.  Here are some shots…See ya latah!!

P.S. I’m sorry I broke my pinky swear to you…
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