It’s funny how one thing leads to another in life…especially mine. How growing up in a small town led me to big dreams…singing country music led me to Miss America…Miss America led me to The Amazing Race…The Amazing Race led me to hosting travel shows…….so on and so on….

Through all these travels and experiences I’ve learned a thing or two about a thing or two. About travel, makeup, hair, fashion, people, and life in general, and everyday I have people asking me to share my secrets. Well I’ve never been great at keeping secrets anyway…so…here they come. Welcome to my newest venture. I’ll be going on a new journey while sharing all the secrets and tips I’ve learned from the ones before.  I’ll teach you how to go from looking like you could work in a haunted house(for example, the before photo of me above) to looking like a beauty queen, how to travel like Anthony Bourdain and how to dress to impress for all occasions. I’ll tell you about my many bouts with diets and fitness.  About allllllll the things that worked and the things that so did not…and how to lose 20 lbs in a month if you so choose to ‘crash diet’(not recommended).  And if none of that works I’ll teach you how to do the best spray tan you could ever imagine to tan what you can’t ‘tone’. I’ll shine a spotlight on my favorite places, products, and people, and I’ll answer all your questions. I’ll even teach you how to help your man not go bald…really…I have so many tricks up my sleeve. So here goes…and to think it all started with InstaGLAMMING these shocking before and afters of makeovers I did on myself, my sister and my bestie Shawn.  I’ll have links to all the products I’m using, things I’m wearing and places I’m at to make it easy for you to check it out if you so choose…and if not at least keep coming back and reading about all the goings on…



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