Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls…Or Do.

So…I’ve spent the weekend chasing waterfalls and such with my family in Smithville, Tn.  I’m the oldest of a wild bunch of 23 first cousins who all grew up on the same farm in Kentucky and when we get together it’s quite magical. It’s a little over an hour from Nashville and there are these fancy cabins you stay in that make it much more like GLAMping than camping, but I’m not complaining.  What a treasure we found in our own backyard…

waterfallCarmack Falls // Smithville, Tn // The Inn at Evins Mill

And one key thing for me whilst adventuring and traveling and such is comfort…in comes this dress that I probably could have fit about half my family in and still had room.

suno                                  Dress: Suno // Shoes: Tory Burch // Bracelets: Cartier

IMG_2695                    Bracelets: Cartier

And less is always more on trips like this one.  The less jewels and bags the better.  These bracelets screw on and they don’t come off until I unscrew them…perfect for not getting lost on a vacation in my opinion.  And this tiny tortoise shell monogrammed clutch holds just what I need and is durable and compact…perfect for getaways.



Clutch: The Pink Giraffe Boutique

And most importantly in this quick entry I want to remind you that getaways don’t have to be elaborate.  You don’t have to travel to another country(or even state), take weeks off of work, pack 3 suitcases…sometimes there are treasures like the one my family found this weekend within hours of your home.  And I encourage all of you to find them and make the time to explore this grand land we live upon!…Ok…exciting stuff coming this week!!

Ps…Bug spray takes off spray tan. Bad.

Photos by: Madding McFadden

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