Mallory’s Makeup School Week 2

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So, as I promised last week I’m teaching you my ABC’s of beauty as I prepare you for the tutorials.  Here are some more of my absolute favorite makeup and beauty staples.  F through K.

F: Face Moisturizer – Revive: Now there are products in this world that are game changers.  They can change the appearance of something almost immediately and I stand behind them 100%…this is one of these products.  However, these products that work miracles come with a price tag that pays for the miracles.  If you have the extra cash and want a miracle here is your moisturizer.  No matter your age or skin type it is literally perfect.

G: Giorgio Armani – Maestro Liquid Bronzer and Luminous Silk Foundation: As I’ve said before I switch my foundations up a lot.  Here is my other go to when I want a more glowey dewey look.  This is the goddess foundation.  And I love this liquid bronzer.  You can even add it to your other foundations to achieve the dewey bronzed look.

H: HD Powder by Makeup Forever: I use this one everyday on every look.  It sets your makeup and takes away shine.  There are other neutral powders I love like Laura Mercier and Ben Nye but this one is my favorite.  A MUST for makeup application in my opinion.

I: Infinity Sun – Glow On The Go: My beauty secret.  Hands down.  Number one on this list and possibly in the entire alphabet.  My perfect spray tan.  So I love this spray tan because it is green and red based instead of yellow and orange based like many others. I’m going to do a full spray tan tuitorial really soon so I’ll share more about it then.  There is nothing like it in the beauty world.  It makes the biggest difference.

J: Nars – LoveJoy Blush: There are times, especially in the summer where I want a bronzer/blush mix.  I don’t want anything too pink, too brown, or too shimmery, in comes the perfect combination of all three of these things.  Great product!

K: Kat Von D – Shade Light Contour Palette: Oh, my, gosh…you’ll die over this.  I’ve tried the creme contour kits and several powder ones and this one takes the cake(or takes the cake out shall I say).  I use this everyday on the most minimal looks, all the way up to full glam.  I’ve gotten so many people hooked on this palette.  You’ll love it.

So what are your favorite FGHIJK beauty musts?  Post in the comments below!!  Also, you can now enter your email address for post alerts and exclusive content coming soon.  Look for that in the side bar.  Thanks for reading…I can hardly contain myself for the things to come!

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