Pineapples, Popsicles and Pups

Shirt: Rails // Puppy: Louis // Popcicle: Pineapple  (duh) // Bracelet: David Yurman

Hey can I borrow your puppy is a bold move, but one I knew I had to make for this perfect union of Ps.  And if I didn’t find the most precious baby puppy in the world.  Meet Louis.  My new friend.  I’m obsessed with all three of these things.  The puppy and the popsicles for obvious reasons…but the shirt…let me tell you about this shirt.  So I fell for Rails LA shirts last fall.  I’ve never found a flannel shirt that was soft and luxurious that you didn’t have to rip from the paws of some man…then I found Rails…and I own almost 20 of them.  If you buy one beware.  You’ll never go back.  They have fun summer prints like the one I’m wearing in this photo.


And what’s really great is that they have multiple cuts of their perfect shirts.  Such as…


Rails Cuts Clockwise: Rocsi // Juliette // Britt // Detail Shot

Take my word for it…this will be your favorite shirt brand of all time.  And I had to cut this shoot short because when dogs are this cute I tend to squeeze them too hard.

puppy 2

Oh, and thank you to Louis’ mom!  You are the best.

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