Tassel Hassel

Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane

I’ve never seen a tassel I didn’t love.  From the weird mauve ones on my grandmas curtain treatments to the ones in my ears in these photos.  There is magic in a tassel.  Hassling for tassels even brought my best friend Shawn Johnson and I together one day at the Michaels craft store(full story at the bottom).  So why not do an entire post on tassels.

eye tassel

tassel orange

I love the tassel in the ear with this simple dress and simple Kendra Scott bangle.  This is the perfect canvas for this fancy Star Mela tassel bag.



Clutch: Star Mela // Bracelet: Kendra Scott // Nails: Nail Place on 8th in Nashville, Tn (Kim)

tassel collage

Clockwise Bracelet: Kendra Scott // Earrings: Pinterest  //Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane // Clutch: Star Mela

People often wonder how my best bud Shawn Johnson and I became besties…well it was all over tassels, really.  So, first off she was my judge when I competed in Miss America 5 years ago, you need to know that info for this story to make sense.  So a couple years back I was really obsessed with decorating this huge caribou head I have hanging in my living room for Cinco De Mayo(I’ll explain later).  I was searching every fabric and craft store in Nashville for tassels.  I was in Michaels craft store and I saw a girl from the side and assumed she worked there as she was putting things up in the clearance section.  I said, “Um, excuse me mam, do you know if they sell pre made tassels at Michales?” She turns around and we look at each other and she says, “Miss Kentucky??”  I then yell, “Shawn Johnson, what are you doing here in Nashville?!”  We talked and laughed for like an hour in the clearance section and have been inseparable from that day on.  I found no tassels but a best friend for life.  Funny how tassels bring people together.  Here we are yesterday celebrating her and my sisters engagement.  So grateful for tassels.

shawnengaged - Version 3

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