Shock Collars and Super Sales

You know when you think back on an outfit and you can’t remember anything but the jewels, they’re good jewels.  I love a good statement necklace.  LOVE.  Especially really fun custom looking pieces, like this Holst and Lee one I’m wearing.  Like, party time.  Not only does it make me feel like a hula girl but I feel it’s the perfect statement piece to close the summer.  Another way to close the summer…stocking up on white dresses during the super sale season…I’ve found you my top ten below.


Necklace: Holst and Lee // Similar Less Expensive Necklace: BaubleBar


And since this post is full of great prices on some of my favorite things, here are some less expensive statement necklace options I’ve found for you before we move on to the dresses.


I don’t follow many fashion rules, including the ‘you can’t wear white after Labor Day’ rule…but if you still walk the straight and narrow that’s cool too.  And for the rule followers and breakers alike, now is the time to buy.  I’ve found you some of my faves, like the one I’m wearing here.


So here they are!  They range from $30 – $200 and they’re going fast because of the great sale prices…so get them now!



And I have a really awesome giveaway to celebrate 10K Instagram followers and 100K blog hits coming to you this week.  Ps…thank you for all your emails and suggestions of what to do next.  Keep em coming!

Photos by: Kelsey Cherry

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