Lacey Layers and Life

So Fall…Y to the E to the SSSSSS!!!!  I’m beside myself at the arrival of September.  This is my favorite season, and my favorite fashion season as well.  I love me some layers, and for the start of fall light layers is all you need.  Let’s start with one of my favorite pieces.  For the summer and into the winter with a layer over it, Cami NYC is my absolute favorite tank.  I have every color.  They’re a flirty blend of casual with a sexy feel.


Tank: Cami NYC // Necklace: Miriam Designs


Ring: Miriam Designs


Tank: Cami NYC // Jeans: Frame Denim

I like wearing mine with anything, but here the ripped jeans give it a cool edgy look.


Now let me touch on the jewelry I’m wearing here, Miriam Designs. I love fashion with a purpose, and this is one that’s close to my heart.  So if there’s anything about doing a fashion blog that I don’t love, it’s the image of perfection that seems to emerge.  It looks like we may have it all together…however, it’s soooo not the case.  I struggle, I’ve overcome, and I support those who have too.  Thanks to a rad photographer, editing and beautiful clothes I look a certain way, but I’m definitely with ya on the days you feel not enough, in battling addictions, in falling down and rising STRONG.  So in this post I want to bring it back to my soul and feature something that reaches beyond pretty clothes, makeup and jewelry.  So Miriam Designs is part of the Livefashionable brand and is a tool used to empower women both globally and locally.  They started “creating jewelry and doing creative therapy with women coming out of recovery who have battled everything from addiction to depression to homelessness. Hearing from these women that it was often difficult to get jobs post-recovery, they started selling their jewelry to create jobs for the women.”  Now that’s something I’m proud to wear.


And lastly, tying a Rails LA shirt around my waist for when it gets chilly is a fashion trend that I love for fall.  So here’s to you strong women out there who love looking good, but know it’s really about so much more.  The coolest things ever to come.  Stay tuned…





Photos by: Kelsey Cherry

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