Don’t Sweat the Fall Stuff

Transitioning is tough.  We long for what’s ahead, but want to cling to the past.  I for one, battle perfectionism and feeling like something won’t be quite what I thought…or what others thought.  But don’t nobody want to see perfect.  That’s why I constantly try to be who I am…before I’m all shined up.  Like I’ve said before, I can make myself look reeaaalllll good with the help of Kelsey Cherry, some masterful makeup moves and editing…but I look reeaaallll ‘not so good’ before all those magic moves.  So to prove that to you I started sharing some before and afters of my own makeup, and I had such an overwhelming response I thought, why not go LIVE with it.  Videos!!  That’s where I kind of got my start anyways, so why not?!  Then of course I thought…wait…I don’t have the right set up, or lighting, or microphone…then I chose to practice what I preach.  So here goes.  Please subscribe to my youtube channel HERE!  I filmed my first video with my friend Alexandrea Garza yesterday and it’s almost ready!  Many many more to come.  I also started a Pinterest…follow that HERE.


So before I transition into fall fashion, here are two books that changed my life and really helped me overcome my perfectionism and taught me about living wholeheartedly.  I recommend them a thousand times over.  They are Daring Greatly and The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown.



Being comfortable in your own skin is number one, being comfortable in a big sweater comes in somewhere behind that.  Here are some of my favorites for fall including one like to mine here…


And you know what’s great about these transition pieces?  You can wear them year after year.  So yay for transitioning into seasons and new ventures and leaving our self doubt behind to do what we love.  Thanks for reading guys and look for the video up very very soon…like hours soon.


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