Back In Black

Black on black on black, it’s no longer reserved for Hot Topic or when you feel 20 lbs overweight…it’s the new frontier.  And one I’ve been exploring on repeat.  I feel it can transition from an everyday look to a dressy night out.  And I always feel fashionable and edgy in all the right ways.


Hat: Janessa Leone // Shirt: IRO // Leggings: Spanx // Boots: Old Gringo

And something else I’ve been going with is mixing up my hat and shoe game with this trend.  At first when I adorned my head with this Janessa Leone hat I felt a bit Montgomery Gentry, then I played around with it and fell in love with the larger brim.  It made a larger statement.  Don’t limit yourself to a floppy brim brown hat for the fall…mix it up.  You’ll love it, I know.  I get all my hats at my favorite store in all the land, H Audrey, as well as most of my other duds.  However, if you aren’t in Nashville click the links to see where you can find them too.


Similar Less Expensive Hat: HERE


And there has never been a cooler holy shirt.  I’ve shown you guys the short sleeved version before, but I love these IRO shirts so much I have to get all versions.  I love the appearance of the holes when everything else is black and covered.  I wear these under my vests in the winter too.


But the real star of the show are these leggings.  Say hello to my very favorite piece for the fall and winter Spanx Leggings.  I had to get them in every color after I tried on a pair.   They’re magical.  They’re selling out everywhere for good reason, so get them fast.  I got a Medium because I don’t like to feel too restricted, but it’s up to you how sucked in you’re willing to be.  I got them in camo too and LOVE them.  Get those HERE.


Gosh, are you guys just elated for Fall and Winter!?!  I know I am!  And I’m so excited to show you so much more.  And don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel HERE.  I’m doing two videos a week and it’s only just begun with all of this online content.  Thanks for reading friends.  Click the links below if you want to know more about these pieces or buy them for yourself!




Photos by: Kelsey Cherry

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