Gift Guides: What To Get The Glam Girls

Can you believe it…it’s here.  Like what the??  2015 why did you leave so soon?  But oh well.  THE HOLIDAYSSSS HAVE ARRIVEDDDDD!!!!  And I am THE gift giving maniac.  I love it.  I always have.  So in the past before I had the blog or youtube I still was the goto to help my friends and family find the perfect gift.  Now I can share that with all of you!  So throughout the holiday season I’m going to scour the internet and stores and put together some collages of the hottest gifts of 2015…and for all the peeps who are tough to buy for.  And since beauty is my strength I’ll start with this one…What to get the Glam Girls!  So I’ve got a new tool for you to quickly look at my finds and see where they are from and how much they cost by just hovering your arrow over the items.  Then if you click them it takes you exactly where to buy.  I’ll also be doing more in depth videos of why I like the things I do and more about them.  So YAYYY!  I ain’t trying to steal yo thunder santa but you may need to step up your online options…hahahahohohoho!


Or here they are individually.


Many more coming soon!!


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