Been An Angel All Year?

Me too…mostly…except for my delinquency the past week or so on my blog because I got way busy with my YouTube and Insta.  But I’m back…with SOOOO many things I’ve been wearing lately that you need.  And OMG the makeup, I’ll tell you about the makeup later.  I’ve been on a bit of an out of control spender bender, but whatevs, tis’ the season.  So let me show you some of my faves from recent days all whilst hoping that you are feeling the magic of this season well up in your little elf self like I am.  Oh I love it!  First off…festive wear…and a new take on tacky Christmas.


Sweatshirt: Wildfox


Why be tacky when you can be cute tacky?  That’s my Christmas motto. Ok, next…plaid dresses!! Perfect for a gift, cooking up a Christmas ham, tearing into presents, you name it.  They have quickly become my absolute favorite this winter.  I love them alone, belted, or with a fur vest.  Here are my FAVES.



Dress: Rails // Vest: June // My Favorite Stores: H Audrey and White’s Mercantile 

And if you’re just looking to look like the angel you are, check out my favorite shirt of the season.  I mean does it not look like I have a set of angel wings that grew right out my little T-Rex arms??  See Santa…



Shirt: Jetset Diaries // Necklace: Brooke Worthington

So this is just a little Christmas teaser…much more coming soon!! And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE and check out my December Faves Video…especially if you’ve been a little naughty and haven’t shopped for anyone else yet.  I’ll help you out…and I won’t tell.

To shop these looks click the links below…


And most importantly, we all know what really makes this season is so magical.  It’s our faith, our families, our laughter, our peace, our hope and joy…our willingness to pour out LOVE.  I wish you and all your families a Merry Early Christmas and joy that comes out your ears.

Photos By: Kelsey Cherry and Madding McFadden

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