WIW In Winter

Do you ever wonder what those abbreviations the kids use stand for?  I mean omg, lol, brb, I’ve got those, but then it gets hazy…and I go to Google.  So when I started my fashion and beauty blogging and videos I had to educate myself on the ootd, wiw, motd, types.  And let me help you…WIW is what I’m wearing or what I wore.  So now you get this post, it’s about what I’m wearing in winter.  And Winter in Nashville…well let’s just say it’s diverse.


First off, sneakers.  So I’ll admit I just got cool and started calling them sneakers when I was corrected twice by Val(the pro dancer on dancing with the stars) one day.  I said, “OMG Val I love your tennis shoes!”  He pulls me under his shirtless wing and says, “They’re sneakers.” “Oh but I always call them…” “No, they’re sneaker, say sneakers…” “Oh, sneakers, I like your sneakers…” Lesson learned.  Not so bad.  But really.  Sneakers are where it’s at and my collection is building.  Not Nike tennis shoes but sleek styles like the ones below.  I wear them with boyfriend jeans and t shirts, or with a fancy fur coat.  I am wayyyy into this trend.  Here are my 10 faves at all different price points.



Next I’m loving a throw on piece that’s a blend between a poncho, a sweater and a coat…a sweachoat?  I’ll call it that.  But ready, you can have your workout clothes under one of these things and you will look nothing less than fashion forward.  And a fit one at that.  Dang you fit ones.  This is also a look you can rock with your sneakers.  Here are my 5 faves, some on SUPER sale.  So hurry if you want them.




And last but not least I love textures, especially furs.  Faux fur, real fur, whatever kind is fur you is cool with me.  I like throwing on my vests or lately because it’s so cold my long jackets.  And I LOVE black on black on black with furs.  It says luxury to me.  Here are some textured options with all the fur and faux fur you could ever need.  Here are my faves…several on sale.


So get bundled up and withstand this whack weather in style.  Thanks for reading my friends.  Much more coming soon now that the holidays are over.  And don’t forget to check out my weekly YouTube videos HERE.

Photos by: Kelsey Cherry 

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