Coolsculpting…Week 4 Update

After my initial CoolSculpting treatment, I left Dr Biesman’s  office feeling very hopeful that my results were going to be amazing. After my initial treatments, I had some swelling that lasted about a week and some tenderness in certain areas. That faded, but some spots became itchy instead. Other than that, there was really no down time. I went right back to working out as usual and doing anything and everything I was doing before.

Patients can see results as soon as 2-3 months out, but it varies case by case. I saw results quickly! Because I had been working out for months, my muscles were developed, but there was still a layer of puffiness covering it. CoolSculpting helped me get rid of that puffiness and reveal the existing muscle.

…as you can see in this picture, you can see my definition even in the before, but CoolSculpting really helped slim down.

Even in the past, when I’ve lost weight, I’ve never been able to get rid of that final layer of fat, but CoolSculpting did just that! I already feel better in my clothes and swimsuits and definitely am a big fan of CoolSculpting! My results have been the best-case scenario as I began seeing results as early as 4 weeks later. Sometimes it takes people longer to see results, but some will have noticeable results by 6 weeks.

Now on the subject of re-treating; CoolSculpting reduces fat by up to 20%. If there are certain areas you want to reduce further, you can re-treat it. Typically, people will wait until they have visible results to re-treat. I did re-treat my lower abdomen, lower back, and love handles at 4 weeks because those were the areas I had the most fat. I have not yet seen results from the re-treat, but I’m hopeful it will reduce the fat in those areas even further. Some patients don’t need to be re-treated, but I wanted to try it for myself! The re-treat felt the same as my initial CoolSculpting treatment, with a little discomfort and initial swelling followed by an itchy, tingly sensation for a few weeks.

So far, given my initial results, I would highly recommend CoolSculpting to anyone looked to lose that last bit of stubborn fat. I also highly recommend Dr. Biesman’s office and Tammy if you are located in the Nashville area.  

Look out for another blog post coming soon to cover my updated progress followed by the final reveal vlog and blog going live in August!

Thanks so much to CoolSculpting for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this blog, and thanks to all of you for following along!

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