CoolSculpting…8 Week Update


Y’all, CoolSculpting is a miracle. I really can’t get over how incredibly well it’s working. I went back to Dr. Biesman’s office for a check in before the final result is revealed and I can’t believe the results. At the first check in I noticed the depuffing. I really felt like my stomach looked smaller. This time I REALLY saw how my body is being contoured by CoolSculpting. I have a curve in my waist that I never had before even at my smallest. I didn’t realize how effective it was at transforming your shape as well as removing that last bit of stubborn fat.

How crazy is that result? And the full results are not even in yet. And my clothes fit so much better too! Everything feels so much slimmer.

You can also see in this photo how much more elongated my core looks now. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with it so far. Also I told you guys about the numbness and itching that I was feeling for a few weeks after, for me this is almost completely gone. The results are still not completely in just yet so I will keep you posted in my last blog and vlog going live in late August early September!! Thanks for following along in my partnership with Coolsculpting who sponsored this blog!

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