Annndd I’m Still Pregnant…

Dress: Zimmerman

Like it’s been 43 years. I’m starting to get concerned as my baby grows and grows. I’m all about breaking records but not this one. Whew. We shall see soon enough! So since I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy, I decided to put together a little round up of what I have been wearing. Being this large..comfort is important, but we ain’t digging the tent look! Check out these outfits, they are perfecto pregnant or not!
As most of you know, I am OBSESSED with the rocker T these days. I’ve gone wayyyy overboard buying 18 during pregnancy, but they are my staple. And I can wear them after! I pair them with the leggings that I’ve worn every single day of my pregnancy, a cool jacket and cool shoes. And for all the questions I’ve been getting about the sunglasses, they are Celine. I looked for these for almost a year and couldn’t find them anywhere and FINALLY found them. I’ll link a dupe as well.

Bag: Gucci (not the same but just as cute) // Tshirt: Pink Floyd // Sequin jacket: IRO// Leggings: Spanx// Sunnies: Celine // Shoes: Chanel (similar but maybe my next purchase??)

I really dove into the world of maternity apparel. Thankfully, I was able to just by normal clothes in a bigger size, BUT this turtle neck dress was something I just couldn’t live without and I love this entire line. It’s called Legoe Heritage and it’s great for those last few months.  And this dress is super easy to dress up or down.

Dress: Legoe// Jacket: IRO// Shoes: Golden Goose

This green leather jacket has been the perfect transitional piece for this wild Nashville weather. It is perfect to layer with almost anything. And y’all know I love all things JEN ZEUNER!! I wear at least one piece of her jewelry a day. Y’all should check her out! It would be a great Mothers Day gift as well!

Jacket: Jennifer Haley (or this dupe from Mango that is just as cute!)// Tshirt: Grateful Dead // Leggings: Spanx// Jewelry: Jennifer Zeuner

And you best believe I will be taking this maxi dress to the beach with me. It has been so easy to just throw on and look presentable on the days when I just don’t feel like getting dressed!

Dress: Cynthia Collins  (I bought it at H Audrey in Nashville)

Or this one…

Here are some bomb maxis to get this look and the sneakers plus dupes!


Thanks so much for reading!! Hopefully there will be a baby in the next post!

PS…awesome website revamp coming oh so soon!!!


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