Ep #03: How Defining Your Summit Will Change Your Life: Lessons From Mt Everest with My Dad

When you are surrounded by a world that is telling you what should make you happy or successful, it’s important to get out of the noise and find what truly brings you life. My dad, Gary Ervin, is joining us on this episode to talk about the important lessons he has learned from taking risks and making mistakes. His insight on finding meaning, making good decisions, and focusing on what’s truly important is valuable for anyone and everyone to hear.

Listen in to hear Gary share how he decided to embark on his climbing journey, as well as how it helps him get out of the noise of life and leave a legacy of significance. We go through the many lessons he has learned and written about throughout his life to give you some serious perspective on what really matters and what is truly important.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Who my dad is and how he has impacted the family.
  • Why he decided to climb the biggest summits.
  • The cost and how he justifies his journey.
  • How he weighs decision making.
  • The importance of owning your mistakes.
  • How to recognize your own unique summit.
  • The value of getting out of the noise and gaining perspective.
  • The importance of finding balance amidst the “hustle.”

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Most people that die do it because they make bad decisions; they make bad calls. - Gary Ervin Click To Tweet If you’re not growing, you’re slowly dying. - Gary Ervin Click To Tweet The things I can’t control, I let them go. I leave them alone. -Gary Ervin Click To Tweet

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