Ep #01: How My Darkest Moments Led to My Greatest Purpose

Staying connected, inspired, and driven to do our best in this crazy life isn’t always easy, so I’m excited to (finally!) bring you this podcast, where you will hear stories from me, my guests, and my friends that will help motivate you to live your life to the fullest. In this premiere episode, I open up about myself and my story so you can get to know me and why the message of living fully is so important for me to share.

Listen in to learn how I got through a dark time of living from a place of fear and desperation and transformed my life to be vibrant and joyful. I’ll share some of the steps I took to make this change, why looking to others to fix you and solve your problems isn’t the way to freedom, and how to lead yourself to where you need to be.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How I pulled out of the darkest time of my life.
  • The dangers of numbing.
  • My story of success in music and beauty.
  • The purpose of this podcast.
  • My mission in life.
  • What and who is coming up on the podcast.
  • Who you have the power to become.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

It’s safe to say that, after recording a couple of episodes, this is a very special podcast and one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. - @MalloryErvin Click To Tweet If we’re here on this earth for 4,500 weeks, we have got to live this life like tomorrow is our last day. -@MalloryErvin Click To Tweet We all have the power to turn our lives into something unbelievably incredible. -@MalloryErvin Click To Tweet

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