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Miss Kentucky

Today is my final lull…the calm before the storm so to speak.  A single day where I can get things together before I jump back in the middle of the tornado(and leave at 4 am for the state fair).  I feel like the guys on Twister though…I love jumping into it…I live for it.  So since i want this blog to be daily updates on what I’ve done that day, I need to share just a few more things with you to catch you up on the past month(the boring

Chick-Fil-A Princess Night…I am Santa Claus.  I love being Santa Claus.  Tiny princesses and their ‘too cool’ brothers plop down in my tiny lap for pictures and autographs.  I love love love love love love love it!!!  Santa is so lucky!!!  My favorite thing to do is put my lipstick on the little girls…haha… P.S. I love Elizabeth (Cruse)…thanks for letting me wear the green ones even though they didn’t match…

On Madison’s head that is…oh well…she will be a great miss teen kentucky the rest of the year.  So Orlando…I still can’t stop rambling about it.  There’s so much I want to spill about it.  So here it is 1,000 times faster through pictures…since they speak 1,000 words…duh. P.S. …i love Michigan.

No Way Jose’

At 1:31 am I realize that it has been a month.  A whole month.  I don’t want it to be a month…I don’t want it to be a minute.  I never want this year to go by.  I have never experienced anything like I experience every single day now… Nutshell:   July 18th – Dream of becoming Miss Kentucky comes true in a tornado-like experience at the Singletary Center in Lexington…followed by lots of cupcakes and prayers(the sole reason i got that crown, the prayers not the cupcakes).   July 19th –

Talk about some shoes to fill!  Emily Cox(Miss Kentucky 2008) is the most selfless and kind person on this earth.  I love how you can see that in this picture.  I also love that you can see my rosary bracelet that Jaders Taders(my sister) gave me before the pageant.  I wore it the whole time.  My faith brought me to the moment in this photo…more to come on that.

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