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"To live a life is a gift we are given. To live a life fully is a gift we give ourselves."

​For anyone hungry for a richer life, or tired of coasting through life in a “cruise control” mindset, Living Fully is the ultimate invitation to embrace abundance and joy—and not look back!

In Living Fully, Mallory shares her personal story of overcoming the unhealthy and damaging patterns in her life and shows readers how to trade this for something completely new and more rewarding. What she discovered was there had always been a different life available to her, one that she had not yet seen. Now she encourages readers to resist a “just fine” existence and to step into a life they never dared to imagine before. Through inspiring stories and practical advice​ Mallory encourages readers to stop returning to a “just getting by mentality” and shift their perspective so blessings don’t become burdens. Quiet that voice of fear inside of you and get clear on the life you want so you can truly start living fully.

“I wrote this to be your wake-up call, the thing that turns the lights on in your life and propels you to make real change, once and for all,” Mallory says. “I want you to wake up and stay awake.”



Living Fully Events

The Blushery - Lexington, KY

February 18th

Joseph Beth Books - Lexington, KY

February 17th

Izzy's Restaurant - Morganfield, KY

February 12th

TipTop Design Co. - Henderson, KY

February 12th

The Mall at Green Hills - Nashville, TN

February 11th

Live Virtual Event

February 9th

Books-A-Million - Nashville, TN

February 6th


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