The Fanciest Chopt Salad

Salads… doesn’t that word totally bring you back to trying to fit into a prom dress? It does for me. But salads are fancy now! In fact, there are entire establishments devoted just to this leafy green treat.

You guys know how much I love creating recipes for you… so meet my chopped salad (I like to call it my “Chopt Salad” because of its tangy little twist). It’s a meal fit for a family, a husband, a teacher or college student looking for a healthy lunch idea. And it’s so so SO good! My fancy $24 chopping knife and containers make this super easy and quick too!



Here is the official recipe…


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You can use any kind of lettuce, I just like how crunchy Romaine is! I cut the ends of the lettuce off before but then all you really need is to lay the lettuce and ingredients in the center of a big ol’ cutting board (or two) and slice those babies up! It can be a little messy but there’s not much to cleanup. This fancy-schmancy mezzaluna knife helps too!


KNIFE: Amazon.

Then it’s time for my favorite part… the fresh avocado dressing! Making it is even easier than making the salad!

No time now? Pin it for later!

This dressing is super versatile because you can adjust the flavor to your tastes! For me, the more lemon and basil, the better. And they all mix together perfectly with a hand held processor.

I like to shake up the dressing with my salad in these cool reusable containers I found but it’s so good as a drizzle too!


This salad usually serves up to 3 or 4 people so it’s great for a light weekend lunch for the whole family!! Let me know what your favorite part is in the comments below!


See me make the full salad here.

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