Ep #04: Pushing Off Tough Conversations? How to Grow Closer and Come Back Stronger in Your Relationship

If we find ourselves depending on relationships for all of our happiness and joy, that can be a big sign that something isn’t right. In this episode, my husband, Kyle DiMeola, and I sit down and share our own relationship story and our thoughts on what it takes to build a positive and fulfilling relationship. We will talk about things that have worked for us, from the importance of knowing ourselves to therapy and learning how to be in true communication filled with love and understanding.

Many people see how our relationship is now and don’t realize how many issues we have worked through or the work we have put in to figure it out. Going through the rough stuff and learning how to address it properly has been quite a journey for us, and we want to share what we have learned with you. Listen in to hear how going through the trenches in the right way will help make your relationships even stronger.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Our love story, how we met, and where we are now.
  • The importance of knowing yourself before pursuing a relationship.
  • Why you need to examine any relationship you’re in to see who it makes you become.
  • The problem with never being alone.
  • Why we are huge advocates of therapy.
  • The importance of listening for effective communication.
  • How to address an issue in the moment, but also take time away from it if necessary.
  • The value of being in the right mindset going into the day.
  • Why honesty is critical.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

For you to thrive in any kind of relationship, you really need to know yourself first. -  @KyleDimeola Click To Tweet Therapy helps you understand why you think the way you think, why you do the things you do, and it can really add a new perspective to your relationship. - @KyleDimeola Click To Tweet I was able to become a better communicator when I became a better listener. - @KyleDimeola Click To Tweet

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