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So…BEAUTY…my most favorite of all!  This is the category I know the most
about and have spent the most time perfecting.  And before I take it to the house with my miraculous tutorials I want to teach you the basics real quick.  You can’t start school until you know the ABCs so here are my makeup and beauty ABC’s.

I have love affairs with all kinds of products…but these are the ones that are tried and true in my opinion. Each week, or maybe twice a week I’ll take 5 letters of the Alphabet and I’ll share my favorite product beginning with that letter.  I’ll tell you about it and why it’s a must have.  So we’ll get started with A, B, C, D and E…

A. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick – I LOVE Anastasia’s entire line, but there’s something awesome about the colors she’s come out with in this Liquid Lipstick line.  They’re also the only lipstick I’ve found that doesn’t bleed into the creases of my lips.  I love the color Pure Hollywood and I usually line my lips first with a mauve or rose colored liner then apply.  You’ll love it!  It’s my goto.

B. Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills – This brow pencil saved my life in 2014.  I have NEVER found a brow product that I can call perfect on any brow.  I outline the brow then fill it in.  It has magic in it I swear.  The color Taupe seems to work on everyone, which is crazy.  It’s one of my top 5 beauty products of all time.  Do you know what ‘brows on fleek’ means…you’ll know after using this pencil.

C. Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics – If you ever fell asleep and someone drew with a Sharpie all over your face and you didn’t have time to wash it off…no joke…this would cover it.  If I were only allowed one piece of makeup to wear forever this would be it.  I took it through the pageant world, around the world in my backpack and still use it everyday.  I apply it under my eyes and in a V shape all the way down to my nose and blend it.  You won’t believe this concealer.

D. Dior Forever Foundation – I go through stages with foundations and tend to use different ones depending on the season, the spray tan, the event, but this is the one I’m currently using and always come back to.  It’s great full coverage and lasts all day but doesn’t feel heavy.  I apply it with my hands sometimes and a beauty blender sometimes.  I’m using shade 23 right now.

E. Eyelashes – I get so many questions about my lashes.  I have been through the mascara stages, the Latisse stages, the false lash stages and am now blissfully living in the extension stage.  So in my opinion lashes can make a whole face look different.  I walk out the door many mornings with no makeup on because my extensions make me look put together somehow.  The thicker and longer the better for me.  I’m up in the Barry’s Bootcamp looking like Mr. Snufaluffagus, but it’s my jam.  I get mine done at Nashville Lash by Ashton and only fill them once a month.  The price varies depending on city and type of lash.

So your homework is to play with makeup…which ironically was my homework in real school a lot of the time.  Let me know what you think of the products and share your ABCDE faves in the comments below.




Jul 14, 2015

Mallory’s Makeup School Alphabet

  1. Julieesper says:

    Mallory, I must agree with you regarding the Anastasia products. They are truly amazing! And the Dior Forever foundation is fabulous as well, even on my “old lady” skin- very versatile! Thanks for sharing, cannot wait to see what you post for X and Z 😉

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