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So Valentines Day…you and I both know the pressure is on. The expectations can be so dang high sometimes that you just want to throw in the towel and order a heart shaped pizza(which isn’t a bad thing). So this year I decided to do a little post on how to make Valentines Day a little easier. So let’s go you little lovers!! First off…DIY arrangements and decor.

Uhhhh $70 roses?! Ain’t nobody got time for that. Do you know how many dozens of roses you can get at Whole Foods for $70 plus the delivery fee?? 7 DOZEN ROSES if you buy the deal on the double dozen!! So make it easy on yourself and do a diy bouquet. What woman wouldn’t love to walk in to her kitchen and see not one dozen, but a few? Another thing I love is holiday decor. Never underestimate the statement a few balloons or a little banner can make. I love companies like Shop Studio Pep to bring holiday inspo to life like I did here. I got the balloons from them as well as the little XOXO banner. Or you could make it yourself. I also LOVE my letter board from Letterfolk. You can switch out the letters to make it say whatever you want! This is also the perfect Valentines Day gift!!

Another thing I LOVE to do to make the day easier is to buy premade desserts. Yes from scratch is from the heart, but so is picking up the phone and dialing in to Sprinkles Cupcakes. Or you can do what I did here and buy a pre made brownie mix and add that special touch by baking them in heart shaped ramekins.

Short Set: Zimmerman // Duster: Brown Allen

Ok now for a couple easy gift ideas. So HERE is a YouTube video on what to get your lover for this special day, but below are a couple shots of my favorite easy ideas from the video. I LOVE the underwear subscriptions from MeUndies! It’s Kyle’s favorite gift I’ve ever given him he says. You get a new pair of what ever style underwear you want(men or women) each month and the design is a surprise! These high end underwear are typically $24 but with the subscription are only $16. And then I love Shutterfly for free prints! I got TONS of prints in all sizes for Kyle and I for FREE with the app, I just paid around $20 for shipping and handling. But for what I ordered, I felt that was a steal. I then place them in a photo album or frame for a sweet personalized gift.

Sweater: Spiritual Gangster 

And last but NEVER EVER EVER least…beauty. Now you can watch a thousand of my YouTube vids on whatever makeup look you want to recreate at home, but lets talk hair…because we can’t get that hair Valentines ready without going to a salon right…WRONG!! Let me introduce you to my new favorite products to freshen your color and hair between salon visits from dpHue.  So this line is a game changer in the world of at home hair care…especially for a blonde. The further I get away from a fresh color the brassier my hair gets. Throwing something on there to tone it has always helped but I could never find the right product that worked, or didn’t dry out my hair, until I found this line. So they have the Cool Blonde Shampoo that’s what I use first as I would use a normal shampoo, then I follow that up with the Cool Blonde Conditioner. I LOVE these products for blondes!! And I’ve included them in the post because of course, a fresh beautiful head of hair is super important for Valentines Day prep and to make it easy, you can now do this at home.

When I’m not using the Cool Blonde shampoo and conditioner I love dpHUE’s Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse, which I follow up with their Leave In Hair Therapy. It makes my hair so soft and since my hair is baby fine and fragile, that leave in hair therapy helps with detangling, protecting it from heat, restoring the ph balance and soooooo much more. You should REALLY check these products out for easy V-Day prep, but also just in general! Here are all these products below…

So you see?? Valentines Day can be made a little easier! I mean, it’s all about the love anyways right!? So I hope you guys loved this blog post and feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones to help them prep for the big day!! Thanks so much for reading!! All the products are linked below:

Photos By: Lindsey Grace at Wild Native

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own and all products are ones I love and use.

Feb 11, 2017

Valentines Day the Easy Way


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