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If they had a lifetime membership to Cracker Barrel I would buy it. No question. If you guys follow me on social media you see that Kyle and I and our friends frequent the Old Country Store at least once a week. So since I spend so much time at Cracker Barrel, I thought I’d put together a little gift guide since so many people don’t realize what a great selection of gifts it has for ANYONE on your list. I also have a promo code for you to get any of these things I mention for 30% off online, the code is JOY30 and here’s what I got for all my peeps!

One of the things I love at Cracker Barrel is the retro drink and candy section. If you have someone in your life who loves to reminisce about the olden days, this would be the perfect gift. You can buy them individually or in packs of 4 in a cute little carrying case. I also added them to this cute little movie night bucket I put together with the retro candy and some movies they had at the store as well. The perfect gift for the movie lover or one of the nostalgic ones.

And while we’re on the cute idea of throwing things together in a little set, here’s another. I mean Cracker Barrel pancakes, duh… I will eat them forever and ever. I love them in the store and am always craving them outside the store but I can never make mine taste just like theirs, so I LOVE the idea of gifting the traditional pancake mix. I added the famous Cracker Barrel syrup in the glass bottle for my pancake loving pals. I’m actually gifting this to Kyle…and it will be his favorite gift hands down.

Another idea while we’re on the food themed gifting are any of these cast iron gifts. I love the idea of gifting them separately or together like I’ve paired them here. I LOVE the cornbread and corn muffins, as well as this classic cast iron skillet. And if you’re gifting this to someone who is a beginner in the kitchen, I love the idea of gifting a cookbook with the skillet to give them some ideas.

And something I NEVER leave the store without is a WoodWick candle. These would the perfect gift for a hostess, a Mother In Law or a Grandparent!

Also if you haven’t stuffed your stockings just yet, no problemo. There are tons of fun stocking stuffers from harmonicas to Burts Bees gift sets to ornaments to of course the classic gift card. There’s anything you could ever want and more! Much much more! Also there are so many cute sets for the sweet lovers in your life. I love this cookie skillet kit, Star Wars Pez set and cute cookie mix!

The list goes on and on with all the fun things I got for all the people I love at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. If you don’t live near one like I do you can also visit their online store at shop.crackerbarrel.com. Don’t miss out on this one stop shop where you can find something for everyone on your list at great prices! And of course you’re going to have the best meal and time while you’re there! Visit shop.crackerbarrel.com to see all that Cracker Barrel has to offer and don’t forget about the 30% off discount code of JOY30 for any purchase you make online. Thanks so much for reading and Merry Christmas!!

Thanks so much to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for collaborating with me on this project! #ad

Dec 19, 2017

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