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Dang you CORONA! You’ve taken our parks and camps and school…but you can’t take our FUN! Hey, we as parents know how to adapt and entertain and turn lemons into lemonade. So since we’ve been inside (and outside) most of 2020 now, we’ve gotten really good at entertaining our boys. Ford and Shepherd both love to play outside so here are some of our favorite tried and true activities for guaranteed SUMMER FUN! 

Okay here it goes…

  1. Giant Dinosaur Sprinkler: This sprinkler is ah-mazinggggg! Next Level. Amusement Park status. You will get 5 gold stars for this one…it stands 6 feet tall and shoots water from its nose. Once you blow it up, you just hook the hose up in the bottom and it’s easy as that. We keep ours inflated and oh you’ll need a pump…unless you have the lungs of the big bad wolf.
  2. Smaller Bubble Machine: This one was only $10 at target and it’s perfect for Ford to carry around since it has a little handle. It’s also SPILL PROOF which is great around here! 
  3. Bubbles: Ford loves bubbles. Like he may need therapy over his obsession someday, but until then we’ve got bubbles flowing like the Rio Grande around here. This huge bottle is a must for the bubble machines or the smaller ones are here
  4. Big Bubble Machine: Ok, if there’s ever anything you ever buy from a link I share buy this. It’s a gift from the heavens. I found this bubble machine for $20 at Target and I think this alone could keep him entertained all day. It’s so easy to use, you just dump any bubble solution in the side and it can go for forever…you’ll just have to refill the bubbles.
  5. Unicorn Bubble Stick: This is great because Ford can carry it around with him and when he waves it in the air, big bubbles come out and he LOVES it. 
  6. Beach Towel: This is a great beach towel to just lay in the grass or use after playing in the sprinklers. I love the bright yellow color and the stripes. I like to keep these outside with the summer toys so I don’t get our white Restoration Hardware ones dirty.
  7. Chalk: I think this is Ford’s second favorite thing to do all day.
  8. Little Tikes Balls: I love this set of Little Tikes balls. They’re the perfect size for Ford and he loves to kick them around outside or practice throwing them with us in the yard.
  9. Washable Crayons: My favorite part about these crayons is the word washable. Ford loves to color(which he calls Yucca for some odd reason) and sometimes we mistake the table for a pad of paper, so with these I don’t even have to worry. 
  10. Water Balloons: These. Are. So. Fun. Kyle and I have just as much fun with these as the boys. You just stick the water hose on the end of the bunch of balloons and it fills and ties 100 balloons in 60 seconds. It’s incredible and so easy. 
  11. Plastic Tote: This little tote is great for storing everything after you’re done playing with some of the smaller toys. It looks cute outside on the porch and it’s great if you need to pack some toys for the park or even to go down to the backyard.
  12. Gingham Paper Plates: I picked up these plates because I thought they were so cute and would be great for a backyard/park picnic or snacks. They come in a pack of 20 and they were only $3.

I mean are these not the best bubbles!?! You definitely need the gallon container! 😂

Oh and here is the link for my heart sunglasses. They’re $10 off Amazon and a dupe to the YSL pair! Get them HERE!

Love this $5 towel to clean up a soaking wet toddler or a muddy dog. It keeps my good towels white and I love the fun colors for summer.

Also, I would get this pump for your inflatables. The dino doesn’t come with a pump and I learned the hard way.

And as we make it through this weird 2020 summer, let’s all remember that this is only temporary, but our roles as parents aren’t. Let’s try and make the most of these times and remember we’re everything to these sweet babies of ours. And I’m sure you hear it all the time, but you’re doing a great job…jumbo dinosaur or not.  

Happy SUMMER Y’all! – Mallory

May 21, 2020

Kid’s Summer Activities + Toys


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