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Who would we be without the dads in our life?? My dad is one of the biggest influences in my life…and my husband as a father, I can’t even type about it without crying. Whether it’s your own father, or a man you’ve called your dad, or whomever that “father figure” is in your life I’m here to help you celebrate him. Father’s Day is just around the corner so I want to share some ideas for some of the best Father’s Day gifts. Some of these are gifts we’ve given Kyle in the past that he’s loved, and some are just things I’ve found while shopping that I LOVE. Okay… here we go!

They’re totally whispering about what to get Kyle for Father’s Day
  1. The Green Egg: Okay, I know this is a splurge, but hear me out. If this is a special Father’s Day, if you’re wanting to go all out, or if you just want to lump Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter and your anniversary for the next 5 years all together, this is one of Kyle’s all time favorite gifts. The way that it cooks meat while also charring the outside, (apparently, according to Kyle) is super hard to do, making it his favorite grill on the market. What’s also great about The Green Egg, is that there are several different sizes and price points, depending on your budget and the space you have to put it. XL Egg, Large Egg, and Mini Egg
  2. Faherty Short Sleeve Shirt: Faherty is one of Kyle’s favorite brands and he loves a nice short sleeve shirt in the summer. This is perfect for all those dads who want to look cool while staying cool. More affordable version HERE
  3. Nixon Watch: A watch is always a safe bet for any man in your life. When Kyle and I first started dating, he always wore a watch with a leather wristband and it always looked so nice dressed up or dressed down. Also, I wanted to include a watch I found from a black owned business and I really love this one.
  4. Lululemon Joggers: The men in my life live in these Lululemon joggers and any dad knows that comfort is key when you’re sitting on the floor playing with those sweet littles in your life.
  5. Corkcicle Whiskey + Ice Wedge Glass: This Corkcicle glass is a perfect affordable find for the dad that needs to take the edge off haha…says the woman who doesn’t even drink.
  6. Creed Virgin Island Water: I know cologne is a personal preference, but I’m confident about this choice. Kyle is a cologne connoisseur and if there’s one we’re both pretty sure your guy will love, it’s this one. This is a great summer scent too. It’s super pricey so here’s an exact dupe of the other summer scent we’re obsessed with Le Labo Saltal 33 but it’s under $60. Here it is. It’s a super good find.
  7. Downtown Candle Co: In the light of all the recent events, I’m committed to finding more black owned business to include in my content. When I asked for your favorite black owned businesses, so many people sent me Downtown Candle Co, while also raving about the owner and how awesome of a man he is. So I’m excited to share this candle with you guys in this gift guide.
  8. Pocket Juice Charger: Okay so remember when we lost our electricity for several days a while back? Oh you forgot? …we tried to forget too. Anyways, my dad was in town and gave us this Pocket Juice charger, not realizing that he was handing us a literal life line. This saved us during the black out because it lasted for hours. We got multiple charges and there were two outlets so we could charge two phones at once. I know these seems like one of those “practical gifts” but sometimes they’re the best ones.
  9. Ascics Nova Blast Running Shoes: Apparently the reviews online say these are the best shoes to walk around Disney with with your children. That review drew Kyle in and he’s been wearing them ever since. He’s also currently training for a triathlon in them and says they’re great for running too.
  10. Personalized Toiletry Bag: Is the dad in your life still carrying his toiletries around in a gallon size plastic Ziplock bag when he goes on trips? Let’s fix that. This toiletry bag is perfect and the gift that they don’t even know they need.

Also, I polled all of you on Instagram this week and asked you for specific gift categories to include. These were the most requested categories so see my picks below.

The Golf Dad: 1. Golf Cart Phone Holder 2. Personalized Golf Balls 3. Peter Milar Golf Shirts and here’s a cheaper option from Target. 4. Classic Golf Hat 5. Kyle’s fancy pick for golf shoes

The Fit Dad: 1. Apple Watch/iPhone Charger, for the fit dad’s with a watch that always goes dead 2. Adjustable dumbbells 3. Lululemon Shorts 4. I know I mentioned these above but I wanted to mention these again because they’re just that good. 5. Fit Bit

The Grill/Outdoor Dad: 1. Spices 2. Kyle said he needs a “manly serving platter” for when he’s outside grilling – so I found this one and it looks perfect. 3. Birkenstocks 4. Bobby Flay Cookbook 5. Sunglasses are always such a great gift. I know sunglasses are a personal preference and you know your guy so I’ll link this website for y’all.

Affordable Dad Picks: 1. Why I Love My Dad book – this is $8 off Amazon and it’s such a sweet and timeless gift 2. Monogrammed Leather Wallet 3. Bluetooth Speaker 4. Portable Steamer – this is perfect because it’s quicker and easier than an iron 5. This book of dad jokes is hilarious. It’s $6 on amazon and I think that’s worth it for the constant laughs.

The “New” Dad: 1. Last year, one of Kyle’s favorite gifts was this Daddy Shark t-shirt from Amazon. He literally wears it all the time. 2. Subscription to Men’s Health 3. Kyle said new dads need/want to be comfy and these sweatpants are the comfiest. 4. Also this sweatshirt is one of Kyle’s favorites. 5. French Press – for those dads who are up and need to be ready to go at 3 am.

The “Older” Dad: 1. Temperature Controlled Coffee Mug for the man who doesn’t drink his coffee fast enough. 2. Cord/Charger Organizer 3. Swiss Army Multi-Tool, an old-y but good-y classic 4. Classic Father’s Day Handwritten Cards 5. a really nice pair of Ugg Slippers is always a favorite

For the Dad who Has Everything: I know you know your dads the best, so here’s an idea. If there’s something specific your dad is into, search personalized gifts related to what he loves on Etsy. My dad is a mountain climber, so I bought him this seven summits register print to document his climbs HERE and it was one of his favorite gifts I’ve ever bought him. So, I encourage you to get creative with whatever your dad loves. Another idea would be experiences. Here are my favorite ideas: Sunday Funday: Tickets to an NFL game (pair with a gift card to his favorite restaurant or bar). Dad-cation: Gift card to a local spa for a massage (pair with his favorite bottle of Bourbon). A Day on the course: Reach out to a few of his friends and plan a day at at the golf course (book the tee time, go ahead and pay for the round, and have it all planned out and booked.)

I asked Kyle to sum up this post in one paragraph about what it means to be a dad…here’s what he said:
“To me, I never knew the love I could feel for another human being until I became a dad. I always heard parents say how much they love their children but honestly I never fully understood this until I had my two precious boys. Being a dad has made me a better person. Period. It’s taught me to be more unselfish, more patient, more loving, more nurturing, and has given me a different outlook on the world we live in.”

So here’s to all the dads! What would our worlds be without them? And a very Happy Father’s Day to My dad, my Grandpa, my father in law and my sweet Husband.


Jun 9, 2020

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide


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