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I’m all about a DIY moment. Just like with a lot of things I think people overthink DIY. They think maybe it’s too hard or only for the SAHM or Martha. But it’s not. It’s for everyone. It’s easier and cheaper than you think but most important it makes for special things that you created with your own hands that only you have.

Soooooo many Halloween’s I’ve crushed the DIY game with just an idea and a trip to Michaels. From beehives to sushi rolls, I’ve had the best time creating costumes and the streak continues this year with this homemade cotton candy costume I created with 5 things a couple days before Halloween. Here’s how…


Materials for Cotton Candy:

  • Really lose fitting t-shirt (this is to glue the poly fil onto)
  • Pillow Fill – Poly Fil Polyester Fiber16-20oz 
  • 2 cans of Adhesive Spray, 3M General Purpose Spray Adhesive
  • 1 can of Design Master, (the color perfect pink)
  • Pink pants or tights
  • Newspaper to cover working surface
  • Make up: glitter spray, blush etc.
  • A large pillow

Materials Needed for Cotton Candy Cone:

  • 1 White Poster Board
  • Pink Ribbon to hold cone to head, 10-12” long
  • Glue Gun

S T E P 1: Place newspaper on ground, take the poly-fil out of bag and pull apart. Do this until all of the poly-fil is out of the bag.

S T E P 2: Begin to spray the top of the poly-fil until lightly covered. Wait to dry for at least 30 minutes.

S T E P 3: Grab your T-shirt and put it over the pillow. You could also put the t-shirt on someone else and use them as your mold, hahah. Whether you use a real person or a pillow, make sure they’re standing up straight.

S T E P 4: Take the adhesive spray and spray a small section of the t-shirt, then grab a small piece of poly-fil and place it on the section you sprayed on and hold in place for 2-3 seconds. Continue this process until the whole T-shirt is covered. 

S T E P 5: With the poster board draw a quarter circle with a radius of about 14-16”. Cut out the quarter circle and roll poster board into a cone to from the cotton candy cone. Glue the pink ribbon to the inside base of cone at opposite sides directly across from one another creating to straps that will be tied around your neck.

S T E P 6: Take any left over poly-fil and hot glue to the bottom of the cotton candy cone. I just did one small layer.

S T E P 7: Assemble your costume. Put all the pink base layers on, then put the cotton candy t-shirt on. Then, apply glitter to face, blush and the rest of your makeup on. Lastly, tie your cotton candy cone hat on and put whatever shoes you want to pair it with. I wore my white cowgirl boots, but I also have some fun pink Golden Goose sneakers that could work. Any pink shoes would work perfectly! Then, you’re done!

Oct 29, 2020

DIY Halloween Costume


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