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Welcome to the first everrrrr OFFICE TOUR! If you’ve followed along for a while, then you know by now that I really value having a small team. However, as my brand continues to grow, with Living Fully Co. constantly growing, and now with the addition of In My Sundays, it was time to expand and get an official space for my team and I. I have out grown many dining room tables over the years so this office was quite the upgrade! My friend Farris (@farrissmithinteriors) worked with Ashley (@ashleyofficial) to pick out each piece of furniture/decor and designed the floor plan several times over until it was perfect. I am SO excited to finally take you through our new office in all its glory… it is going to blow your mind when you see these pieces! What are you waiting for?! Step on into the office of my dreamsssss!

I really wanted this space to feel warm and inviting from the second you walk in so we started by adding a cozy conversational seating area right up front. I love the blends of neutral colors and textures making it feel both elegant and welcoming. We switched out all of the lights in the office for these woven basket lights and I am obsessedddd with them… it was such a simple switch that added so much warmth to the space! We also have several consoles and cabinets throughout the office that are great for storage and keep it very practical, because it is an office after all!

And y’all this wallpaperrrrr I got from Eijffinger! I knew I wanted to add some pop of color to the bare walls and this wallpaper brought in the perfect amount while still keeping the space looking clean and simple. I’ll link it (and all of the furniture/decor) at the end of this blog!

As you walk farther in, you reach the first set of desks. I have worked at many desks throughout my years of doing YouTube and working from home and when I tell you I am wildly obsessed with these desks, I mean it! They all have built-in wireless chargers right on top and outlets for all your other charging needs on the side. They also have both programmed and custom height settings that allow you to work sitting down or standing up. We added another console, a dresser, and a few different filing cabinets for storage that are greatttt for keeping the space clutter-free! Lastly, these rugs are also from Ashley… I love a good rug and these helped to make the space feel elevated and cozy.

My team and I have all-team meetings every week/every other week so I knew we needed some sort of table that we could all sit and be together at. This table and these rolling chairs are perfectttt for us. We also have another console for storage under our frame TV that we use to project things we are talking about during meetings. Y’all know I love flower arrangements so I put together this one for a fresh, colorful centerpiece. The lights over the table were also switched out for these fun, gold globe lights. Changing out the light fixtures in this space was one of the best decisions we made!

Moving onnnn we have one more set of desks because my team has grown and we needed to have enough desks for all our new gals! Everything you saw with the first set of desks is mirrored back here with this set. Each desk in the office has their own monitor and under-desk filing cabinet… once again, keeping the space both practical and clutter-free!

Last, but certainly not least, is this overflow seating area in the back. This may be my fave section of the whole space. I love these swivel chairs and how they are placed right next to our window that brings in so much natural light. This side table and all its decor is also from Ashley and, of course, I added another simple flower arrangement back here for a little pop of color.

So there you have it!!! The first ever Living Fully Headquarters! I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

You can shop all our office furniture and decor by clicking the graphics or links below!

Couch | Desks | Dresser | Under Desk File Cabinets | Desk Chairs | Tall Standing Cabinets | Overflow Chairs (front) | TV Console | Entry Console | Conference Table | Conference Table Chairs | Overflow Swivel Chairs (back) | Side Tables | Coffee Table | Basket Lights | Globe Lights | Chain Link | Gold Lamp | White Lamp | Gold Tray | Book Stack | Stacked Basket Boxes | Small Vase Set | Bronze Woman | White Desk Lamp | Gold Desk Lamp | Rugs | Artwork (above entry console) | Vase Decor 1 | Vase Decor 2 | Mirror | Throw Pillows (on couch) | Front Chairs Throw Pillows | Back Chairs Throw Pillows | Abstract Sculpture | Marble Boxes | Wallpaper | Giant Candle | Frame TV

Shop all my Ashley office picks, HERE!

Get the full experience by watching my office tour YouTube vlog! I take you on a walkthrough tour of the space and talk more specifically about my fave pieces and how the whole space came together. Watch it BELOW!

Furniture, Design, and Decor | Ashley | @ashleyofficial | www.ashleyfurniture.com

Photos | Lydia Gritters | @theblondelyway | www.theblondelyway.com

Interior Design | Farris Smith | @farrissmithinteriors

Wallpaper | Eijffinger | @eijffinger | www.eijffinger.com

Dec 7, 2023

The Office Space of my Dreams!


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