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    The Lipstick Logs

    I can still hear my mom say it now, “oh, you forgot, put your lipstick on!”  Growing up in the ‘gloss age’ I was definitely…

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I can still hear my mom say it now, “oh, you forgot, put your lipstick on!”  Growing up in the ‘gloss age’ I was definitely a bit of a rebel always wearing a bright lipstick…all credit going to Lisa Ervin…who runs marathons in lipstick…and liner.  I’ve always LOVED lipstick.  Through the years I learned what worked.  The tones, the ones that needed liners, the ones that needed gloss, how to keep it from running, how to apply it without a mirror.  But today, I’ll focus on shades.  I usually live in the red family always, but I branch out.  Here are my favorites in the 5 big lipstick categories, Red, Nude, Pink, Orange, and Purple.


Ill start with my favorite…RED!  How I love red.  Here I’m wearing a goto classic, Bobbi Brown Red.  It’s a great tone and it’s a stand alone color.  No gloss or liner needed.  I always dust my lips with a face powder before applying, and sometimes even cover them with concealer and then powder and it stays put.  You have to try it.  It’s a major game changer.  I love so many other shades of red too, including several drugstore brands, but I’ll share those later in my drugstore post.  However, if you think, “Oh I don’t want to spend $20 something dollars on a lipstick”, I get that, but I’ve literally had some of mine since high school.  They last a loooonnng time.


Next NUDES…I used to be afraid of nudes, then I found the right ones.  And the cool thing about nudes, you can make them.  So I have on a MAC Lip Liner in Cork and a concealer as the lipstick with a nude gloss of any kind over it.  I like it for a natural look like the one I’m wearing above, or with a really dark smokey eye.


And on Wednesdays(and every other day) we wear, PINK!  Pinks are tough for me, but so many people love pink so I searched for a pink that I loved too.  I really like a darker liner and lighter lipstick for pinks personally, but you can wear either alone if you don’t like this look.  I’m wearing MAC Talking Points Liner and Saint Germain Lipstick here.


And now for ORANGE!  It’s another one of my regulars and one that can really brighten a look.  I love this orange for all seasons.  It’s Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Persimmon.


And last but not least PURPLE.  I’ve always been, and still kind of am, afraid of vamps unless it’s Halloween.  However, on some people they look like a million bucks.  As you can see, I’m not necessarily one of those people, but I wanted to show you. It takes the right person or occasion to pull this off, but when you do it’s a statement like no other.  I did an ombre look here, which is simply created by fading the MAC Lip Liner Nightmoth into the MAC Lipstick Rebel.  Vamps do make your teeth look really white though…and kind of vampirish…but white for sure.

And a big thank you again to my Mom for teaching me much more than lipstick.  She’s pretty rad.



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Photos by: Madding McFaddin

Flowers do have power.  From a rose on The Bachelor to the sheer joy/terror of a flower girl of dropping tiny petals down the aisle…flowers can make real statements.  Especially when you wear them…and I’ve been really into wearing them as summer waves goodbye.  Also, I’ve got my fashion sources where I can find major STEALS these days.  And thanks to the great feedback on the steals I’ve been finding for you I did it again!  I’m talking like $15-$50 steals…really.  So let’s all be flower children today…


Dress: Reformation // Booties: Laurence Decade // Legs: Gary Ervin 

I have my Dad’s legs…college wrestler muscular legs…but you just have to own it.  So I like mini dresses.  I would even add tights or leggings and a denim jacket to this look into the fall.  And these golden booties I’ve worn on the blog before, but I mean…


Booties: Laurence Decade // Less than $30 option: Qupid


I also like cool backless minis.  I found some great ones of all kinds, some for less than $20 for all you college girls out there.  They’re perfect for back to school and all your sorority parties.  Oh and my jewels are my typical David Yurman mixed with Brooke Worthington…I’ll do a whole post on her awesome local jewels eventually.


And before the big reveal of my floral finds lets talk fall manicures…I LOVE cool and different fancy fingers.  Like the one in this pic.  I went to the nail salon and chose 5 fall ombre shades and went light to dark.  Classic fall colors with a twist.  You can do this yourself too.


So here are the floral finds…some FANTASTIC deals!  All of these but one are under $100.  Click to buy.  Fun things coming soon!


And some fun floral accessories…and the booties.


Photos by: Kelsey Cherry



So my makeup school fell to the back burner as I was in real makeup school and consumed with fashion posts, but I’m bringing it back this week with our third week of ‘school’.  For those of you who may have just started reading, I’m taking everyone through some basics of beauty.  I’m highlighting some of my favorite go to game changer products and then I’ll be going into detail about how to use them once I get you through the ‘alphabet’.  Here are my L through Q…

L – LA Girl Pro Conceal – You. Will. Die.  Ok, so you know I sometimes have to eat my words with inexpensive makeup, because I do believe you get what you pay for…but I’ve found some HUGE exceptions once I opened my mind.  Ok, so this miracle concealer is $2.99 and is the best I’ve used yet.  I found it two weeks ago and I almost died.  Remember this makeover I did on my friend Shay?  This is what I used.


2 IMG_5560For real I just had to show you these to prove to you how awesome is is as a concealer and highlighter.  With Shay I used it more as an all over highlighter as well as concealer to achieve this look…Shay’s bone structure certainly helped, but even on the most beautiful face, like Shay’s, it makes a huge difference.2IMG_5546

Here is my placement before I blended it with a damp small beauty blender.

M – Moonstone – Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter – I used to be very afraid of shimmer, not anymore.  I feel when applied correctly(right on the top of the cheekbone, on the bridge of the nose and on the cupids bow) it’s marvelous. This is my favorite.  It makes you very J Lo.

N – Nars Bronzer in Laguna or Casino – Bronzer is a goto of mine daily, but often for different reasons.  I use it for contour some days, mix it with my blush some days, or dust it on the places the sun would hit as a typical bronzer use some days.  You can’t go wrong with these two shades of bronzer.  Casino is darker than Laguna.

O – Olaplex Hair Perfector – It should be called life perfecter.  So I’ll be doing a whole post on my hair journey…but long story short it’s full of damage and extensions for 10 years which resulted in my hair being 2 inches long last year.  So I needed a miracle.  In came Shay(who is my friend  I used above in the above makeover, who also happens to be my hairdresser…I’ll link her salon here: Troubadour Salon).  She told me about this product that was revolutionary in over processed hair.  I’ve heard it all before, but then I used it and now I would swim an ocean for it.  I use it once a week as a leave in conditioner and it has transformed my hair like NOTHING ever has.  It’s really hard to get, so you may have to ask your hairdresser when this link sells out.

P – Primer – Makeup Forever Skin Equalizer Mattifying Base – I use this under my makeup in my t zone daily and all over on anyone who is really oily.  It’s an absolute MUST to prime and prep the skin correctly before applying makeup, especially with really oily or really dry skin.

Q – Questions Most Commonly Asked – I get asked a ton of questions about beauty, but there are always a few that are asked over and over.  Here they are…

  1. Q: If I don’t like to look like I have a lot of makeup on what should I use for a base, can I still use foundation?  A: Yes…and you can add your moisturizer to it to make it a tinted moisturizer.  Which is a lighter version of foundation.  BB cream is also a good option but why not use what you already have.
  2. Q: What can I do about Summer/Winter varying foundation shades not matching my skin anymore…do I really have to buy a new foundation for every shade my skin may change?  A: Nope…I have several shades from when I thought this was the case, but now I mix foundations to make my shade.  Literally, everyday I pour a little dark a little light and I mix it on my counter or a mirror to match my shade.  You can also add liquid concealer.  It’s like magic.
  3. Q: How do you keep your lipstick in place?  A: I put powder on my lips before lining and putting lipstick on them.  Works like a charm.
  4. Q: I don’t do much to my eyes but want to start with a really simple shadow routine…what do you suggest?  A: Bobbi Brown Bone all over, Bobbi Brown Blonde in the wide crease, Bobbi Brown Rich Brown in the outer V and on the lash line.
  5. Q: What is the one piece of makeup you would take to a deserted island?  A: My Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow pencil in Taupe and Amazing Cosmetics Concealer.
  6. Q: My hair is falling out(woman, I have a different one for men), is there anything I can do to help it grow back?  A: Well yes there is, and it’s a little pricey but IT WORKS!  I’m using it now with my Olaplex right now and it’s growing new hair like crazy. It’s called Phylia De M.  Here is the 4 piece set.

To get any of these items simply click the photo below and it will take you where to buy!  Thanks so much for reading.  Keep your requests coming and look for the giveaway this week…and REALLY exciting things soon.


Oh and here is where I get my hair done by Shay in Nashville…THE BEST!  Troubadour Salon.

You know when you think back on an outfit and you can’t remember anything but the jewels, they’re good jewels.  I love a good statement necklace.  LOVE.  Especially really fun custom looking pieces, like this Holst and Lee one I’m wearing.  Like, party time.  Not only does it make me feel like a hula girl but I feel it’s the perfect statement piece to close the summer.  Another way to close the summer…stocking up on white dresses during the super sale season…I’ve found you my top ten below.


Necklace: Holst and Lee // Similar Less Expensive Necklace: BaubleBar


And since this post is full of great prices on some of my favorite things, here are some less expensive statement necklace options I’ve found for you before we move on to the dresses.


I don’t follow many fashion rules, including the ‘you can’t wear white after Labor Day’ rule…but if you still walk the straight and narrow that’s cool too.  And for the rule followers and breakers alike, now is the time to buy.  I’ve found you some of my faves, like the one I’m wearing here.


So here they are!  They range from $30 – $200 and they’re going fast because of the great sale prices…so get them now!



And I have a really awesome giveaway to celebrate 10K Instagram followers and 100K blog hits coming to you this week.  Ps…thank you for all your emails and suggestions of what to do next.  Keep em coming!

Photos by: Kelsey Cherry

I’m holding out for an IRO till the end of time.  But for reals holy holey shirts.  This is my new favorite go to.


Shirt: IRO

I love all the colors but I’m particularly loving this dusty rose shade and the classic white.  What’s awesome too about these shirts is how they wear.  The holes get larger and larger as you continue wearing them, and in my opinion, you look cooler and cooler…I feel like some sort of wanderlust cowgirl in my older ones.  I get mine at my favorite boutique in Nashville, H. Audrey.  But if you’re not in Nashville, just click the link and find out where to get yours.  What’s great too is they go on sale all the time and you can wear them through the fall and winter under a vest.  They have long sleeved ones too.


Shirt: IRO //  Eye Shadow: Anastasia Beverly Hills – Orange Soda and Red Earth

Also, I’m really into wearing fall colors on my eyes.  I always thought I’d look like a killer or Halloweenish with reds and pinks on my eyes, but they’re really nice when you blend them out.  I used a neutral Bone color all over the lid first, then I used the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadows in my crease.  You’ll see a full video up soon on how to do a fall smokey eye, but I just wanted you to know the colors in case you wanted to add them to your makeup collection.  I wear them everyday.


Shoes: Rag and Bone

I’ve also expressed my dedication to Rag and Bone before, but just incase you missed it here they are again.  My absolute favorites.  Any season, any outfit, any terrain.  Stay tuned for some really really cool beauty and travel things coming soon.  Like REALLY REALLY cool.  Ahhhhh!! 


Shirt: IRO // Jeans: Goldsign // Shoes: Rag and Bone

To shop this post simply click the photo you want below and it will take you right where to buy.  Thanks for reading guys!


Photos by: Kelsey Cherry

Transitioning into fall, for me, is a total walk in the park.  Easy.  Because it’s my favorite.  I can almost hear the roar of an SEC football game, feel the fur vest in my hand, smell the pumpkin pie, feel the uncomfortability of the most elaborate Halloween costume in the land…but I’m getting ahead of myself.  So that’s why we’re just talking transition pieces.  So when summer begins to turn crisp I just add a few items to my summer wear.  Like this…


Dress: Alexander Wang // Hat: Rag and Bone // Flannel: Rails


So hats.  I used to feel out of place wearing hats…like I was wearing a costume or something.  I really had to search for the right hat to look a part of my fall look.  This line of Rag and Bone hats is where it’s at.  I also found a similar hat that is a bit less expensive and on sale HERE.  I’m going to be doing a lot of this with my blog too!  Finding steals for you.  So you can get it all! Haha.


And now shoes…So these Rag and Bone Booties are my jam always.  I have so many pairs and will do an entire blog on them soon, but they are a bit pricey.  I literally wear mine year round, year after year, with outfit after outfit to justify it.  However, if you’d rather a less expensive one so that you don’t have to live in them like I do I found you one that’s identical to the Rag and Bone Newberry Bootie HERE. 


And last but not least layers.  My favorite layering transition piece of all time is a Rails Button Down.  You can wear them in every season and they’re the softest most comfortable pieces you’ll own.  I go a size up in mine so they’re looser and even more comfortable. Oh and a steal of a long gold necklace like mine is HERE.


Hats off to hints of fall y’all!! Shop anything in this post right here.  And I’ll be detailing my fall smokey eye makeup look I’m wearing in these pics on the blog soon.  Thanks for reading friends!

Photos by the magical: Kelsey Cherry


Tee: Enza Costa // Jeans: Frame // Boots: Old Gringo

I enjoy dressing like a vagabond sometimes.  And isn’t is funny how the more worn out an item is the pricier it tends to be?  I mean if we all had just kept all our dang clothes from high school we’d be set.  But I don’t fit into my clothes from high school so I’ve found some more that I feel are tried and true.  I’ve compiled a few of my favorite ‘worn out’ pieces…and brought along my favorite vintage flag.  I was also worn out by the time we shot this so you can see my favorite wearable red lipstick after like 5 hours of running around.


So let’s talk a red lip.  I could go on for days but there is a tried and true Bobbi Brown shade called Hollywood Red that I always go running back to.  It stays, it’s a great blend of tones and it lasts a long time.


Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Hollywood Red

And last but certainly not least, boots.  I love boots more than any type of shoe.  In fact I love boots more than any other piece of clothing.  I have to fight myself from wearing them everyday.  The magic about the Old Gringo pair I’m wearing is that I could run a half marathon in them.  For reals.  But then I must show you this pair that fell from the heavens.  Laurence Decade…sup?


Boots: Laurence Decade Paris


I spy with my little eye(s)…my new favorite boots, without them I’ll die.

To shop this post click the item you like!!  Thank y’all so much for reading and looking and being the best as always.


Dress: Calypso // Clutch: Lizzie Fortunado // Necklace: Lizzie Fortunado // Shoes: Monolo Blahnik // (click photos below for link to purchase)

Raise your hand if you’re the person who carries the same bag for all occasions?  That is definatley  me.  I am the person in a formal gown or at a wedding reception with a huge bucket bag looking like I’m trying to rack up on wedding favors or something.  Well, here’s the thing I’ve learned…a clutch can make an entire outfit.  In comes the coolest…Lizzie Fortunato.  And I’m wearing her necklace here too.  Her bags and necklaces are a little pricey but they go on sale a lot(like the one in this post) and literally sell out almost immediately.


Another thing I try switching up…my makeup routine.  So I’m a sweater…so glamorous I know.  So if I know I’m going to be a dancing queen I need something full coverage that won’t budge.  Like concealer.  I thought to myself what if I tried to do a whole look with a MAC concealer palette? On the lips(except the liner), on the lids(except a swipe of shadow and liner of course), and all over the face(except a tiny bit of blush and setting powder)…and it turned out well.  I swear by good concealers and ones that allow for unlimited dancing.


To find out how to get my faves in this post click on the item you want below!  Woo!  We’re going to have so much fun.


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