• Pumpkin Muffins From The Heavens

    We are living in a pumpkin obsessed culture. It’s like the moment fall arrives we’re craving pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING (but toothpaste). I’m clearly down with this…

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We are living in a pumpkin obsessed culture. It’s like the moment fall arrives we’re craving pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING (but toothpaste). I’m clearly down with this trend and here is THE BEST pumpkin muffin recipe ever. Thanks to my friend Olivia for sharing her secret recipe with me.



Pumpkin Muffins Recipe:


Bake: 350°

Mini Muffins: 12-15 mins

Loaf: 45mins




1 cup butter soft (2 sticks)

3 cups sugar

3 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 16oz can of canned pumpkin

(Everything Below Combined in a sifter)

3 cups all purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground cloves

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg



Make this recipe with me:




In a larger mixer, cream together your butter and sugar. Then add your eggs one at a time, creaming together after each one.



Add vanilla (yum!) and mix.

Put your dry mixture in the sifter and add it to your creamed mixture. Alternate adding the dry with adding pumpkin (it mixes much easier!) until both ingredients are completely incorporated. I usually add them in thirds.



Using a small scoop, add 1 scoop to each mini muffin paper.



Now pop these babies in the oven to bake for 12 to 15 minutes at 350° (for mini muffins). Test with a toothpick to make sure they’re done!

I can usually get close to 70 mini muffins!



I don’t know if my favorite part is the flavor or smell coming from the oven! What do you think about pumpkin flavored foods and products?



Okay, so I come from a huge family. Like enormous. When I was little, our home was always bursting at the seams with cousins – at all times. But my mom and aunts were always ready, with quick and easy recipes on hand that could feed an entire army. Their yummiest recipe? Chili! It’s one of my FAVES – and it only takes 10 minutes and feeds sooo many people. Maybe it’s a southern thing or a cozy fall weather thing, but I’m all about chili and ready to share my family’s ‘not so secret anymore’ recipe.

How to make The Easiest, 10 Minute Chili:

Pin this easy chili recipe for your next Fall family gathering!


This recipe is really only two steps: the first step (and pretty much the only time you’ll actually need to be at the stove!) is browning the meat, then cooking it together with the onions and peppers.

Drain out any extra liquid then add all the rest of the ingredients and cook them on medium heat for 30 to 45 minutes. That’s it!

Oh, and don’t use too much hot pepper!

It’s so easy! This is my favorite time to catch up with my sweet Ford and Kyle – and smell some sweet and smoky chili.

I love topping my bowl with a dollop of sour cream and sprinkle of cheese! You can also serve it with green onions and tortilla chips if you wish – I love all the pops of color and flavors that chili works well with!

Follow along with me here:


What’s your favorite Fall meal?

Salads… doesn’t that word totally bring you back to trying to fit into a prom dress? It does for me. But salads are fancy now! In fact, there are entire establishments devoted just to this leafy green treat.

You guys know how much I love creating recipes for you… so meet my chopped salad (I like to call it my “Chopt Salad” because of its tangy little twist). It’s a meal fit for a family, a husband, a teacher or college student looking for a healthy lunch idea. And it’s so so SO good! My fancy $24 chopping knife and containers make this super easy and quick too!



Here is the official recipe…


No time now? Pin it for later!

You can use any kind of lettuce, I just like how crunchy Romaine is! I cut the ends of the lettuce off before but then all you really need is to lay the lettuce and ingredients in the center of a big ol’ cutting board (or two) and slice those babies up! It can be a little messy but there’s not much to cleanup. This fancy-schmancy mezzaluna knife helps too!


KNIFE: Amazon.

Then it’s time for my favorite part… the fresh avocado dressing! Making it is even easier than making the salad!

No time now? Pin it for later!

This dressing is super versatile because you can adjust the flavor to your tastes! For me, the more lemon and basil, the better. And they all mix together perfectly with a hand held processor.

I like to shake up the dressing with my salad in these cool reusable containers I found but it’s so good as a drizzle too!


This salad usually serves up to 3 or 4 people so it’s great for a light weekend lunch for the whole family!! Let me know what your favorite part is in the comments below!


See me make the full salad here.

Nordstrom Sale PT. 3

Since I have been home with Ford a lot lately, my ultimate is loungewear!!! It’s actually my favorite thing to grab from the Nordstrom Sale!  Here are the ones I grabbed this year!

  1. EBERJEY– gisele shorty pajamas
  2. NATORI– bliss perfection bikini
  3. RAILS- short pajamas 
  4. GIRAFFE– chenille robe
  5. NORDSTROM LINGERIE– lazy morning lounge pants
  6. PJ SALVAGE– modal chemise
  7. HANKY PANKY– low rise thong
  8. BAREFOOT DREAMS cozychic cardigan


Nordstrom Sale pt. 2

Home Edition

Ok and now for home!! Here are my top FAVES of home from the Nordstrom sale! Also, check out my insta stories for a good laugh as Kyle, Ford and I roamed Nordstrom yesterday all for y’all…

  1. BAREFOOT DREAM– ‘in the wild’ throw 
  2. NEST– bamboo & grapefruit reed diffuser duo
  3. WATERWORKS STUDIO– luna white marble tray 
  4. LE CREUSET– 2 3/4 quart enameled cast iron soup pot 
  5. REGINA ANDREW DESIGN– geometric crystal 
  6. NORDSTROM HOME– set of 4 wood & marble coasters 
  7. SERENE HOUSE– ultrasonic cool mist diffuser 
  8. CORKCICLE– insulated stainless steel canteen 
  9. LE CREUSET– set of 2 oval au gratin dishes


Nordstrom Sale pt. 1

Beauty Edition 

So as many of you can probably gather, the Nordstrom Sale is a HUGE deal. Its the sale where all the bloggers lose their minds over HUGE pre fall discounts. This never happens on any other site. So I’m really diving in for you guys this year and doing my faves in every category…so lets start with my fave, beauty. So the sale is only open to cardholders the 12-19 then the 20th it opens to the general public. DO NOT MISS THIS SALE!!! It’s the sale of the year hands down.

  1. CHARLOTTE TILBURY– pretty glowing skin palette
  2. CHARLOTTE TILBURY– pretty pink lipstick set
  3. NARS– hot escape eye & cheek palette
  4. LE LABO– santal 33 & rose 31 travel spray
  5. JO MALONE– wood sage & sea salt combining collection
  6. DIPTYQUE– candle set
  7. SIMPLEHUMAN– eight inch mirror with brightness control
  8. DIOR– dreamskin advance set
  9. FOREO– luna mini 2 & luna play set

I hope you love all of my picks! This is just the start…keep checking back for more later today!

xoxo, Mal

Dress: Zimmerman

Like it’s been 43 years. I’m starting to get concerned as my baby grows and grows. I’m all about breaking records but not this one. Whew. We shall see soon enough! So since I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy, I decided to put together a little round up of what I have been wearing. Being this large..comfort is important, but we ain’t digging the tent look! Check out these outfits, they are perfecto pregnant or not!
As most of you know, I am OBSESSED with the rocker T these days. I’ve gone wayyyy overboard buying 18 during pregnancy, but they are my staple. And I can wear them after! I pair them with the leggings that I’ve worn every single day of my pregnancy, a cool jacket and cool shoes. And for all the questions I’ve been getting about the sunglasses, they are Celine. I looked for these for almost a year and couldn’t find them anywhere and FINALLY found them. I’ll link a dupe as well.

Bag: Gucci (not the same but just as cute) // Tshirt: Pink Floyd // Sequin jacket: IRO// Leggings: Spanx// Sunnies: Celine // Shoes: Chanel (similar but maybe my next purchase??)

I really dove into the world of maternity apparel. Thankfully, I was able to just by normal clothes in a bigger size, BUT this turtle neck dress was something I just couldn’t live without and I love this entire line. It’s called Legoe Heritage and it’s great for those last few months.  And this dress is super easy to dress up or down.

Dress: Legoe// Jacket: IRO// Shoes: Golden Goose

This green leather jacket has been the perfect transitional piece for this wild Nashville weather. It is perfect to layer with almost anything. And y’all know I love all things JEN ZEUNER!! I wear at least one piece of her jewelry a day. Y’all should check her out! It would be a great Mothers Day gift as well!

Jacket: Jennifer Haley (or this dupe from Mango that is just as cute!)// Tshirt: Grateful Dead // Leggings: Spanx// Jewelry: Jennifer Zeuner

And you best believe I will be taking this maxi dress to the beach with me. It has been so easy to just throw on and look presentable on the days when I just don’t feel like getting dressed!

Dress: Cynthia Collins  (I bought it at H Audrey in Nashville)

Or this one…

Here are some bomb maxis to get this look and the sneakers plus dupes!


Thanks so much for reading!! Hopefully there will be a baby in the next post!

PS…awesome website revamp coming oh so soon!!!


You know those days in your life when you’re just so overwhelmed all you can say is , “oh my gosh I just can’t believe it!” My baby shower was one of those days. My friend Ashley (from @beausandashley, y’all should check her out) and my sister Jade threw me a Parisian baby shower and it was one for the books. They transformed this beautiful space and the Noelle here in Nashville into a literal dream. Here’s a peek inside the most beautiful shower I’ve ever seen…and to think it was for my precious baby and I. It just makes me well up with pregnancy emotions. 

So the invitations were the first clue to the splendor that was to come. @Sincerelyhopedesigns crushedddd it with this beautiful hand done invites. Don’t read into the blue too much haha. She also sprinkled her touches all over the shower. The beautiful French phrase painted on the sheet behind where I opened gifts, the beautiful acrylic signs, the wood sign on the Momosa bar, she made it so personalized and special.

So this space is completely blank. You can bring in whatever rentals you want for anything from a shower to a wedding to any type of party your little heart wants to throw! @Pleasebeseated is the company did my wedding. So we went to them with the shower idea, and like they always do, they ran with it and made the most beautiful vision come ALIVE! They also did all the flatware and the soft seating and made the space look extra glam and full.

And the FLORALSSSSSS!! OMG I have found the best florist in all of Nashville. @Foxgloveandheather is a true artist. She designed the most beautiful arrangements for the special day. With the touches of thistle and the beautiful roses(that she buys almost a week in advance and closely watches to see when they’re at their peak bloom and about to wilt) she blew us away. She’s unlike any florist I’ve worked with before and I will use her forever. These flowers were truly special and a work of art.

And do you just DIE for this MOMosa bar?! I love this idea for any baby shower! We used different juices and added the little DIY fruit station where people could make them their own. Also that marble bar from @pleasebeseated just elevated the glam factor.

And the cake was by my FAVORITE baker and cake artist of all time @copperwhiskcakes. Lizzie is so talented and makes the best cakes I’ve ever tasted…EVER. She did an almond blackberry flavor on the top layer and a salted caramel flavor on the bottom. She does all my cakes and will for life because there is seriously no other cake that even compares.

My friends brought so many sweet gifts. One of my faves came from my friend @oliviatomlin. She put together the most incredible baby basket with Barefoot Dreams baby pieces, beautiful Oeuf pieces, toys and stuffed animals and books and treats galore! I’m going to have to take this idea to my next shower. It was so sweet and meaningful. 

Also these rugs! So @appleandoaknash brought the finishing touches with these beautiful faded Turkish rugs. They’re so cool and they can actually bring rugs to your home to try! It’s the coolest concept.

I am still so blown away about how much thought Jade and Ashley put into this shower, and how loved this little angel is already. Everything was perfect. Literally my dream day.

If you want to see more of my baby shower and what I got watch my video below!! And use all this as inspiration if you’re ever throwing a shower of your own!


Dress: https://rstyle.me/n/cyv3fabyr9p

Florals: @foxloveandheather

Rentals: @pleasebeseated

Event Space: @noelle_nashville Saidee Gallery

Cake: @copperwhiskcake

Invites, Signs, Banners: @sincerelyhopedesigns

Rugs: @appleandoaknash

Photography: @chelsearoc

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