…tossing a coin is fairly tough under pressure. As I practiced this art on the sidelines of the UK/Florida game last weekend, I realized that this may in fact be one of those things that I’m just not that good at(which joins the list with trying to do a ‘cool wave’ to celebrities). We (myself, the refs, and the captains of both teams) were summoned to the center of the field…they walked and I ran(our stride ratio was about 16:1) through a cloud of firework fog into the circle. They hand me the coin(which if felt was the size of one of those free weights that you put on exercise machines) that I was to balance on my tiny red thumbnail and launch into the air…and somehow I did it! I also almost rammed heads with the captain of the Gators as we both dove our heads forward to see what side it landed on(which I kind of wish would have happened, then maybe Tim Tebow and I would have been roommates in the hospital). Kidding. Cats won, which means WE won! I love tossing coins now. We’re changing my talent to coin tossing at Miss America.

I have turned into quite the wildcat(uk wildcat) over the past couple months. I love the games. Now that I am sugar deprived(kind of) I find the concessions much more appealing. I take one bite of cotton candy and I turn into a six year old…wanting to rip the wildcat head off to reveal his identity, screaming for the wrong team because I’m just so excited, etc. The Alabama game this weekend was the same way, as I got extremely frustrated that I couldn’t seem to master the binoculars. Between my blind right eye and eyelashes there is just no hope. I got to hang out with some of my fellow Union Co. friends in their suite with a better little better view, so i didn’t even need those binoculars anyway…
And now, for an apology…not for breaking sweet eating promises to you(because those are automatically implied now) but for neglecting my blog duties for two weeks. There is no excuse. My mom and dad have begun a ‘WE WANT WEEKLY’ protest campaign if anyone wants to join…just kidding. I was waiting on coin toss pictures, that I still have not received…but that’s not an excuse. Sorry.
So, these last two weeks…Watterson Elementary, I must touch on this because I met the tiniest little boy with the longest little legs of all time(refer to photo) who was yet another reminder that height does not necessarily coincide with age, and that I am the luckiest person in the world as I held his little hands. I thought that he was old enough to come up and answer a question so I called him up…he jumps over the head of the child in front of him…dead give away that I was wrong. “Ok, what is your dream?”, no answer, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, he is thinking, hard. As I am now down on my hands and knees at eye level with him I begin to rephrase the question. Right in the middle of it he dives toward the microphone and yells “BIG!”. Smart. As he hops back to his seat I try and cushion his answer so they won’t laugh too hard, and so that I can turn it around so that the other children will gain some sort of knowledge from his example, but then look back at the little boy, who is gleaming with pride and so confident in his answer…i immediately stopped and we gave him another round of applause. I wish I could have packed him in my crown box and taken him home, but his legs would not have fit.
I carry on to Mount Sterling, where I did a radio show on WMST. Great show. I talked 650 miles per hour to this dynamic duo of a husband and wife(who were also blessed with the gift of gab) who later told me that they were considering naming their stray cat after me. It was an emotional day, I almost cried. Then on to the Whitaker Bank Women’s Only Luncheon, where I was the keynote speaker(information that I was not completely aware of until I glanced at an invitation an hour before). However, it turned out to be one of my favorite speaking engagements of my reign. To have the respect, attention, and admiration of the women who paved this road before me is something that I can’t describe. I cried, they cried, it was one of those rare moments where everything just connects. Afterwards I asked the staff at the country club if there was any chance there was a hidden camera in the room so that I cold get a tape of it…odd request coming from a Miss America contestant maybe…
Then on to New Castle Indiana to Jim and Joy Robbins, the king and queen of interview coaching. I sit on the couch, where numerous Miss Americas and their fellow competitors sat before me, but also, where another version of myself sat just two years ago. As I began preparing for Miss Kentucky I knew that I had all the will, love, and compassion for this job, but it was just so hard to express. Jim and Joy taught me how to finally show it, so they would finally see it.
Then Jamie Breeding(Miss Ky director) and I headed on to Nashville for two days of pageant prep. As soon as we rounded the corner and my former stomping grounds came into view I had to stomp out that small longing to be back…I have the best job in the world…what was that feeling?! I was put through the ringer again during a mock interview at my wonderful friend Gerald’s house. We also visited Kim Grayson at her home, where she introduced me to her new make up line and reintroduced me to the fact that I do in fact wear too much make up sometimes…but I love it! She sent me on my way with the right amount of makeup on for the daytime as well as a bag full of her products! Then for the best part…Joshie! My old trainer and best bud(even on those days when I was hungry and threw weighted excercise balls at his pretty little face and made his teeth bleed). I got to see my old gym friends at my old stomping grounds(the most literal version of stomping grounds ever since it really was a place where I stomped around angry about working out often). Other than my body fat measurements it was beyond fun.
Back to Lexington for a casino themed event at Keenland. Very fun. I married a 7 year old in a fake wedding. Then on to Shelbyville for an Autism Chili Cookoff…genius…the kids and the cook off. There was a little girl there who completely relieved me of my duties as she instructed me to not only give her my crown and banner, but also my chair at the autograph signing table. She then scribbled sharpies on my autograph pads and handed them out to passers by. She was so special. Later, when I was brushing her hair a little 3 year old boy named Mac came back to my table. “Mac, do you want another autograph?” I asked. He looks at me like I’m a crazy person and says, “Aren’t you going to brush my hair?”. “Well of course Mac, hop on up here.” As I was brushing his red hair his dad was laughing and yelling across the field, “What are you doing to my son?”. Mac then decides that I need to sign his dad a picture, I ask him his dad’s first name and he says Mac’s Dad. Mac’s Dad got an autograph. Small towns making a mark on our autism journey warms my soul more than the 15 different types of chili I sampled.
Then the weekend proceeds as I have a throwdown backstage with BOBBY FLAY. He is sassy, as am I(in a good way), so we really hit it off. He won the throwdown because he let me eat his ribs and homemade biscuits onstage. I introduced him then sat onstage with Richie Farmer and his family and my fellow Miss Ky sister and sampler Kaitlynne Dorothy. This was all at the first annual Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show. It was spectacular. Food is SO much fun when you’re not supposed to eat it.
I went on to the Alabama game, where I got to see some of my old friends on the team, then on to Miss Lexington. I wasn’t prepared for the line, “and now let’s meet the contestants vying for the title of Miss Lexington, to compete for the title of Miss Kentucky 2010.” Ahhh, I wanted to grab the crown and run out, then I realized, I still have 10 months. I never want to stop, but I know that I need to give someone else this gift. I’ll be ok with it by then. I think.
I can’t even tell you how the people of this state make me feel every day. In the gas station, in the grocery store, in the teachers lounge, at a ballgame. They endlessly pour out their love and support all over me. They go on and on, thanking me for talking to their child, or taking on a cause that hadn’t been noticed, or stopping for a picture. I wish I could open up my mind at that moment so they could realize what they have given me…it’s far far more than what they think I’ve done. I’m the lucky one. I’ve been loved more than anyone deserves and that is why it has become my responsibility, joy, and lifelong vow to love back.

PS…If I ever miss over a week again I will do the ‘kisses for cancer’ fundraiser that my brother and his new fraternity seem to think I should do…haha…talk to you all in A WEEK!

and what a fine crop to be the queen of.  I made my way back down to Union County this weekend for the annual Corn Festival in my hometown(in which ‘queen of our crop’ was the theme)…this time as the Grand Marshal!  This weekends events began in Lexington at the POW/MIA ceremony at the VA Medical Center.  They set me up at the registration table to sign autographs, but any person who knows a veteran knows that they don’t just want an autograph…they want a hug…no…an embrace!  I gladly gave many.  These are some of the greatest men and some of my greatest fans(and I am proud to call myself a fan of theirs as well).  As I travel the state as Miss Kentucky I am free to take on any cause, pursue any dream, and set an example to children that they too can do the same…all because of these men.  Thank you for my freedom.  I also sang the National Anthem(one of two times I belted out the tune that day).  
I then jetted off that slippery stage and rushed to the airport in the pouring down rain to catch a flight to Western Kentucky that Mr. Joe Craft so kindly invited me to crash on(ahh crash, wrong plane lingo, hop on?).  We (we being Coach Calipari, Mr. Joe Craft, House Majority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins, Mr. Craft’s ‘sharp as a tack’ assistant Kelly, and I) made our journey from Lexington to Union County for the grand opening of the River View Coal Mine. Mr. Craft took on yet another business venture in the face of the coal industry controversy, to provide over 600 jobs and to continue to power our state and country.  I am proud of this project and to be a part of making sure this industry is understood, by helping people to realize the good that the coal mining industry brings to our economy and the people of our state(we’re cleaning it up in the process to make it more environmentally friendly of course).  I sang, Coach Cal spoke, Governor Beshear joked about only coming to see me again and then spoke.  Several politicians, and of course my friend, Mr. Joe Craft made their way to the podium as well.  Mr. Craft’s  passions for providing opportunity and for giving back is contagious…I caught it.  Coach Cal disappeared underground to tour the mines momentarily, upon emerging he said that he would share something with his wildcats that he heard from a miner down there…”we go down together, we come up together”.  He nailed the hard working people of this industry perfectly.  Then…for my favorite part…we all cut the huge blue ribbon with huge blue scissors…and no one cut off my ponytail!  I was so proud to be a part of this event that will bring jobs to the good people of my county.
Slid out of that one then went on to my Alma Mater UCHS to drive my little brother Gabe(a freshman and homecoming candidate) in the ceremony.  I helped with the crowning…a task that I still find emotional, even if I am putting a cardboard royal blue crown on a boy’s head in the middle of a football field.  Something else funny that I experience nowadays, I’m just sitting there(in this case in the football stands) and I feel someone rubbing the back of my hair.  I sit there for a second, thinking maybe someone was walking by and accidentally brushed it, but it continues.  I turn around and there is a PACK of the cutest little girls(one whom has been stroking my hair) wearing t shirts with my name on them and little crowns.  They are my favorite little things in the world.  
Next morning…Corn Festival.  I was the Grand Marshal of the parade(which is quite the event in our town).  I’ve been on about every float in the parade at one time in my life, but never even close to the GM.  I realize that I may not be made for parades as I try desperately to have conversations with onlookers from atop the convertible…they can’t hear me, I know this, but I just want to talk to them so badly that I do it anyways…maybe I’ll throw candy next time(no, I can’t be around candy).  Then my mom and dad met me at the end and we raced to a local business for a costume change from formal to FRINGE!  I wish I could wear complete fringed outfits all day every day…but I know I can’t.  I sang, in my fringe, for an hour.  It is quite surreal standing on that stage in my town(that was once only a flat bed truck) singing to those same people who have been listening to me since I was 6 years old.  I did Tina Turner and Reba songs, along with my grandma and papa’s old favorites like ‘Blue’.  I told stories and invited all the little girls in the crowd to come up and sing ‘Tim McGraw’ with me.  And of course, as I was wrapping it up with ‘Famous In A Small Town’ I can’t help but cry…again…and I am so not a crier.  There is just something special about that song and singing it at home.  Oh my gosh I almost forgot!  The Mayor of Morganfield(Mr. Jerry Freer) gave me the key to the city…the first he has given in his 11 years as mayor!!  This was one of the greatest surprises and honors I have ever received.  
Next day, back to Lexington.  My mom had to drive me back while I slept in the car, revving up for my next event with Eddie Montgomery (from Montgomery Gentry) and his wife Tracy.  This event benefited a camp called Horsin’ Around, for sick children with everything from cancer to diabetes.  It was a bikerish theme.  I am such a poser and of course tied a bandana around my crown before jumping on the Harleys and signing autographs for my new biker friends.  It is a style that I think every Miss America contestant should practice at least once during their reign.  It makes you so much cooler.
Sorry for the photographic overload, but there was just so much to show you!!

P.S.  I love my mom and dad…thank you for carrying my 100 lb fringed costumes, making sure the microphone is turned all the way up, and loving every single song I have ever sang on that stage.  I wouldn’t be here tonight writing this Miss Kentucky blog without your love. 

…then try not to be upset when we chop it all off. I know that I can’t have hair down to the floor during my reign, but as soon as it gets a little bit long again, I fear that someone is about to come up behind me with hedge clippers and chop off my ponytail(Kim Canter). Rapunzel, you are so lucky…maybe I could be RUPPunzel…more at the bottom on the hair…

So…weak week…NOT! Nutso week! Let’s see if I can recap in order. Here are the schools from Tuesday to Friday(not to mention from Eastern Ky to Western Ky). Robert B Turner Elementary(Anderson Co.), Sturgis Elementary and Union County Middle School(Union Co.), AB Chandler Elementary(Corydon), Jefferson Elementary, Niagra Elementary(Henderson Co.), and Holy Spirit School(Evansville). These schools stepped it up a notch with questions like, “What do you think about President Barack Obama?”, and when I asked the 1st grade class about what their dream was I had a family rights attorney and an astronaut vs. the usual princess and baseball player. I run 100 miles per hour from one school to the next and am sometimes stopped dead in my tracks by a really funny child. So, I’m at Niagra and this little girl with thick pink glasses looks up at me (I am immediately reminded of myself when I was little). First I tell her how special she is because she has glasses that make her eyes big and pretty just like mine when I was little(which I made the mistake of saying in front of several other little girls who are now hoping for eye problems in the future…). She gets really confident after that and I could see her little mind working, and as I’m walking away she yells out, “Miss Kentucky, I’m going to think of you every night before I go to sleep and then every morning when I wake up and I never want to think of anything else except for you ever again!!”. Then her friends got really brave shouting after me as well with ones like, “Can I have your crown?” and “Will you marry my dad?”. This is the joy of being Miss Kentucky.

Mixed into the miles from mundane madness was the Trimble County Apple Festival(I tremble when I think of how many apple dishes I sampled) where I judged the Little Miss Apple Festival contest and the Apple Pie Contest. Also, the MacKenna Foundation, where I sang a song(that I learned in the car on the way over), such a wonderful event and cause. I also threw in a two day Dale Carnegie marathon course in Louisville.  MARATHON.

So, I must touch on the hair once more. I believe that once you’ve found a hidden treasure you should share it…so…her name s Rebecca Martin…She highlights my hair and rejuvenates my soul. She is a miracle. Noone in the whole world should ever go without her. We spent ten hours together Sunday and I quickly am reminded of what a find she really is. I will share her…8593611566.

And thank you thank you thank you to Tops in Lex magazine for making me their cover girl! I attended the release party last night(where I was greeted by my face blown up the size of a mini van upon entering). Tops people are top of the line!!

Can’t wait to share the events from this weekend with you…I swear to you I won’t slack off again…See ya latah…

P.S. This blog is dedicated to my best friend and number one fan Alden Knowlton(who will crush anyone who ever tries to harm me…).

…or at least I would have if I had left my crown on while demonstrating a safety procedure to 300 fifth grade students in Union County (that procedure was how touching a metal object to a telephone line will electrocute you…I could have been quite the example with the lightning rod atop my head).  Safety Day was one of the many things I got to do this week in MY HOMETOWN!  I snuck into Morganfield the night before I was supposed to…I just couldn’t wait.  I love my home and I hadn’t seen a bit of it since the day after I was crowned(when I was still extremely delirious, in shock, and cross eyed with disbelief).  All the people I ran into reminded me with every congratulations and thank you that I am the one who should be thankful…for being born in this town.  

Upon my arrival I woke up my entire household(which only consists of my mom, dad, and gabe since jade, luke, and I left for college).  We sat around on the couch and talked about how we still can’t believe what’s happened.  The next day was the Farm Bureau Safety Day!  Only a Miss Kentucky would give her first big speech in an open field to 300 children sitting on hay-bales, ultimate.  I kicked off the festivities with a speech about dreams/gifts/small town-big dreams/health/tomboys/tim mcgraw etc. to the most attentive little corn fed kids around.  After my speech I took my first live question and answer session…a daily part of my year that I am certain will keep me on my toes moreso than my 5 inch heels.  A few of the good ones…”Have you ever picked a peanut plant?(my talk said nothing of the sorts about peanut plants)”…”Have you ever met Taylor Swift…followed by…oh, well, then have you met Barack Obama?(Taylor Swift is now not only topping the charts, but apparently now the president as well)…”Are you dating a famous person?”…”Are you healthy?”…”Have you ever been in a pageant and won?”…etc.  I spent the rest of the day in first class Union County style, being chauffeured from one outdoor station to the next in a Kabota.    
The next day came bright and early with my mom’s intercom wake up call that reminded me of high school days, and presented me with yet another great group of children and an opportunity to inspire again, this time indoors.  Uniontown Elementary sat like little angels as I entered into their gym…quickly turned into miniature megaphones for a second when I said “Hey Uniontown Elementary…are you excited to be out of class?!”…then right back into angels.  The first question I asked broadened the generation gap between my generation and theirs from about the size of the gap between my little sister’s two front teeth growing up to more like the grand canyon.  I’m standing there in ruby red slippers and I say, “Ok boys and girls I want to start today by singing a song for you from a movie called ‘The Wizard of Oz’…can you guess what it is by these shoes on my feet…?”  In unison they all yell, “Red High Heels!!!!!”  Oh well.  I guess Kellie Pickler has officially replaced Dorothy, and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ is now  only a place where Skittles come from…but oh well, they’ll be ok…Then on to Morganfield Elementary where 500 more of the best kids around sat indian style and refrained from turning into wild indians for the entire assembly.  Questions from this bunch got even better, with ones like, “What’s your mom’s name?” and “Are you country?”  The children I’ve seen so far have been perfect(though I could be partial).  Someone needs to inform the world that the future is going to be just fine judging by what I’ve seen so far here in Kentucky.
And amidst my time at home I found myself trying to catch up on sleep, only to be quickly reminded that it is in fact dove season…and there is no way to nap or sleep in when your brothers and cousins are shooting shotguns right outside your bedroom window…so I joined in for a spell.  I also got to see baby Daylee!
Flew back to Lexington and jumped right into the (all day long live tv) Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon doing interviews, answering phones with callers on the other end, answering phones with prank callers on the other end, etc.  I was happy to be a part of this great cause…Go Jerry!

And finally…for the bad news.  Sianara Sugar!  Labor Day marks the beginning of many days laboring on the treadmill for me…or else I will be looking like this photo of me in my very first swimsuit at Miss America…and you thought you were a fat baby…WRONG!  Please say a prayer…I live right beside Dunkin’ Donuts.

P.S. Thank you Union County for making me who I am…

I tell people how strong I am all the time, but it wasn’t until I had to hold a 6,000 pound ham (that they somehow said weighed 16 pounds) for a good 15 minutes, running back and forth from bidder to bidder pleading my case of why they should pay thousands of dollars for a country ham that I proved my strength.  And despite my inability to move the next morning, it was well worth it.  The ham went for triple what it has ever sold for before…a new record of $1.3 MILLION DOLLARS.  Intense.  All the money raised went to charity.  Oh yeah, this was Thursday at the state fair during the annual Farm Bureau Country Ham Breakfast.  Onlookers waiting for me to fall on my face included Senator Mitch McConnell, Governor Steve Beshear, my best friend Commissioner Richie Farmer, Lt Gov Mongiardo, Trey Grayson, Jack Conway, mayors, senators, house members, etc, and my favorite Miss America, Heather French Henry, her husband Steve, and their spitfire little girls.  I was so proud to be a part of this spectacle as I can officially add both ‘ham displayer’ and ‘professional briber’ to my resume, but most importantly to have been a part of raising over a million dollars for charities in our state.  Recession Schmesshion…in Kentucky we know when to spend money…when it’s for other people.     

Governor Beshear finally helped me hold the ham.
I wrapped up my week at the state fair wondering just why they call it ‘the fair’…it’s so not fair…at least not for me.  Every single food that I know and love is not only extremely accessible, but displayed in rows of flashing lights.  There was no way not to give in…it was the last time though…I swear.  Here are some ‘not so fair’ photos from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Presenting an award at the World Horse Show.

Oh, and my family came!…if you are a reader who doesn’t know me as well, let me just say that I am who I am because of nothing more than my family.  They have been in the front row supporting me ever since I was this little three year old girl in blue…who lied about being four because I just couldn’t wait to be in dance class and be onstage.

P.S…Happy Late Birthday to my Best Bro Scottie Coleman.  I miss her.  

P.S.S…Go Dr. Wakefield!!

Frankfort witnessed its very own version of the parting of the red sea today as mothers, teachers, and advocates for autism flooded the capital(all wearing red).  Our very own versions of Moses, struggling mothers simply trying to get their tired voices heard, came forward once again to plead with close to thirty of our house and senate members to pass an Autism Insurance Reform Bill.  This bill, that many states have already passed, will help cover the outrageous costs it takes to treat this disease(which, contrary to popular belief, is treatable…I’ve seen it).  Since my platform is autism awareness(because of my three autistic first cousins and my families struggle with autism) I joined this movement long ago.  However, it is days like today that remind yet again of the joy of helping others and of the opportunity and responsibility I have to serve this year.  More to come on that.  Photo above of myself along with testimony leaders Lorri Unumb(with Autism Speaks), Anne Gregory, and others devoted to this cause. 
Last night was my final princess night and my last stand against the battle not to eat the new chick-fil-a peach milkshake.  I lost that battle last night.  Sorry dad.

And I’ll leave you with my second grade yearbook photo…as a snapshot of proof that natural beauty so does not exist and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  See ya.

P.S. Happy Birthday Richie Farmer… 
My new bros Timmy and Dierks.

Lee Brice is cool as ice…

Coach Brooks

Keith Anderson and Coach Brooks Again(couldn’t get enough of him).

Race-car legend Kyle Petty was just dying to wear my crown, so we made a swap.

Lieutenant Governor Mongiardo and his niece and friends. 

Halfway 2 Hazard equalled halfway to heaven for me this weekend as I was invited to jump head first into complete country music bliss.  40,000 people crammed in their cars(at $20 a carload it’s amazing how many people can fit in one car) arrived early Saturday morning and prepared themselves for the Woodstock of country music.  The event was held to benefit abused children, a cause very close to my heart.  I opened the show then was invited back to the stage to sing “Here’s To Finding A Good Man” with Danielle Peck(one of the nicest, most beautiful girls I’ve ever met).  The line up included Me(haha), Tim McGraw, Dierks Bentley, Danielle Peck, Krista Marie, Lee Brice, Halfway to Hazard(the two boys who made all this happen), Gabe Garcia, Keith Anderson…etc…with special guests Lt. Gov. Mongiardo, Coach Brooks(my new best bud), Kyle Petty(the recently crowned miss kentucky), and many many more.  They rolled in on their mini mansion tour buses and helicopters appearing to be typical stars, but were as far from that stereotype as we were from the closest town.  Big stars have big hearts.  The naive small town mentality of mine (that is going to get me stampeded) was in rare form as I decided to sign autographs and take photos in the crowd of 40,000…the state troopers saved my life…haha…I couldn’t believe how many wonderful people waited in line to have their shirts, jeans, cowboy hats, guitars, foreheads, and babies…yes babies signed.  I went through 6 sharpies of fun.  I love the people in east Kentucky.  I am so proud to represent those good, hard working, genuine people.  They embody all the reasons why I wanted this job so badly in the first place.  There is nothing like meeting so many of these great people every single day.  I’d sign their babies any day.

P.S. My right arm is going to be WAAAYYY bigger than my left one at Miss America…
P.S.S. Here’s a Friday update since i missed it…state fair…

The Kentucky State Fair Kick Off this morning(at 6:30am…left at 4:30) was not exactly the best diet kick of for me…but toooonnnnnnsssss of fun…tons tons tons.  The Commodities Breakfast this morning was flanked with media, politicians, and one(and shall i say the one and only) brand new basketball coach.  Coach Calipari certainly made a wildcat out of me.  There is a video clip on this website… http://www.fox41.com/global/story.asp?s=10962867 …you have to watch it…even though I am a goofball on it.  He told funny stories about people in Kentucky being so happy he’s here that he has women coming up and kissing him on the mouth, etc…I swear if Barack Obama had walked into that room not a soul would have turned around.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I’m proud to call Coach Cal my new pal.  (Other friends there: Gov Brashear, Lt Gov Mongiardo, Comm Farmer, Jack Conway, etc.)
I am involved in all of the festivities because I am the new spokesperson for Kentucky Proud…a statewide campaign to eat locally grown and manufactured products(which I am very proud to take on since I grew up on a farm).  Thus I am placed into the hands(and I hear they’re quite the pair of hands to be in judging by how they handled a basketball a few years back) of my new boss and friend, Richie Farmer.  His three boys(and my three new best friends) and I walked around the fair for hours…petting goats with no ears, trying to con the rabbit salesman into letting us have free rabbits, signing autographs, eating (caramel) apples, trying to steal golf carts, etc.  I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!!
Then I raced back to my car to make it to a princess night in Lexington.  I am so tired my lazy eye has taken over.  Here are some shots…See ya latah!!

P.S. I’m sorry I broke my pinky swear to you…
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