…because in case you haven’t seen all my social media posts lately I GOT ENGAGED!!  To the man of my dreams.  I’m over the moon and all the planets about it and have begun a bridal series on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE.  Please subscribe if you haven’t.  So between my youtube channel growing like a weed and bridal beginnings I’ve been MIA on the blog but the bride is back.  And my new jam…ALL WHITE EVERYTHING.  I don’t care if you’re that girl who always spills the ketchup, this trend is a must. Here’s how I’ve been rocking it lately…Oh and click the bold words if you see something you like, it will take you right to it!



Top: JOA // Jeans: Frame // Shoes: Vince (my ultimate faves) // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff



Tee: Enza Costa // Jeans: Frame // Sweater: Mara Hoffman // Shoes: Rachel Zoe (best heel ever and on sale)



Dress: Mara Hoffman // Shoes: Shutz

I could go on and on about this trend for daysssss…but I won’t.  Because we’ve got a whole year for that!! And on the subject of brides…here is a pic of my best bud Shawn in all her bridal glory from a few weeks back…


And last but not least to learn how to do bridal hair and makeup like the look I did below, I’ll attach my youtube videos on that.

igScreen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.09.03 PM


Thanks so much for reading my friends!! To shop my looks click the bold words in the descriptions!!

Photos by: Kelsey Cherry / Shawn’s Wedding Photo by: Lindsey Grace

I’ve finally figured out what this means…it’s when you lose all control and buy every single sundress, strappy sandal, swimsuit and cute tank top you see in a feverish frenzy.  I wish there were a cure.  But if there were I wouldn’t have all these fantastic finds for you today.  So spring…I’m really picking up what you’re laying down.  Here’s what I’m loving for my favorite fashion season.


Sweater: Wildfox // Skirt: James Jeans // Bag: Jennifer Haley Handbags (use code MALLORY15 for 15% off)

Cute cardigans and sweaters have been my thing lately.  Because you never know what the weather will be like round these parts.  Here are some other faves of mine…




Cardigan: Wildfox // Tank: Cami NYC //Shorts: One Teaspoon



Sweater: Show Me Your MuMu // Skirt: James Jeans // Cami: Cami NYC // Shoes: Kurt Geiger // Bag: Jennifer Haley Handbags (use code MALLORY15 for 15% off)

And don’t look past the shoes in these pics.  I’m wearing them with everything.  Caged sandals are so in, but finding a comfortable pair is quite a feat.  Ha. But because of the platform on the front of these they’re a dream.  And the best news of all today…you see this clutch I’m carrying…well I’ve got a prize for any of you who may want one too!  I struck a deal with my favorite handbag designer Jennifer Haley(the coolest cat in all the land) and we’ve got a discount code for all of you.  Go to her website HERE.  If you use the code MALLORY15 at checkout you get 15% off your entire order and free shipping.  These bags are handmade in the USA and to die for.  I’ve never rebought bags from the same designer like I do with these.  They make such a statement.  More on them soon…

I’m saving my thousand sundress finds and some super steals for next week…

To shop any of these looks click the images below! Thanks for reading my friends!!



And in case you forgot…my YouTube channel is still thriving.  Check it out HERE.  And here are a couple spring glam videos to match your spring fashion.


Photos by: Kelsey Cherry


So I’m all about a flashy trend.  A pattern, a bold color, sequins, a saying, you name it.  So when a trend comes along that’s bold and let’s be honest, a little bit flashy, I’m your girl.  So hello STARSSSS!!!! I’m feeling you in a big way.  Here are my faves of the stars thus far…







Dress: Mara Hoffman // Shoes: Rachel Zoe

This. Dress. I. Die.  Hands down my favorite dress I’ve bought in years.  Its whimsical and feminine and edgy and…ugh everything I’ve ever wanted a dress to be.  I love the details too.  The wrap aspect, the buttons down the front, the blousey back.  It’s just perfect.  We’ll see if I can get away with it for Easter.






Dress: Tularosa // Shoes: Sam Edelman

And then there’s this one…when I tell you I bought every star dress out there…I bought every star dress out there.  This one is one of my favorite fits too.  That no fit kind of fit.  And the navy mixed with the gold stars is so dreamy.  I love the material of this piece too.  It reminds me of pieces I’ve found in India and around the world.  This will be one of my goto casual frocks this spring and summer. I feel all regal and olympic and patriotic in Nashville these days sporting my stars.  Here are some of my other finds I’m getting all starry eyed about…click any image you’re interested in and it will take you right to the site to buy!



Thanks so much for reading my friends!!  Don’t forget to check out my weekly YouTube videos HEREAnd look for lots more now that blah winter has come and gone.  Let’s get ready for spring my fashionable friends. 

Photos by: Kelsey Cherry




Coat: Millie // Jeans: Black Orchid Denim // Shoes: Prada

Wary because you could walk out thinking it’s a beautiful almost spring morning day and it drops to 30 and snows a foot…or you go out in rabbit fur because it snowed yesterday and you’re red faced and sweating like a pig in 30 minutes.  Be wary of the weather.  And don’t even try and dress for it.  So winter is the season that gets lost in the fashion world(that’s why it’s hard to blog about).  You go straight from the fashionable flannels of Fall to the pastels and blossoms of Spring and poor Winter is just crying in the corner because none noticed him.  Bless his heart.  So here’s what I’ve been wearing this lost season…just a quick little review. Because I’m getting ready to hit it hard for Spring!  And some of these outfits look Spring already…that’s because Nashville weather has been whacky this February.


Shirt: Project Social // Jeans: Black Orchid Denim // Similar Shoes: Christian Dior


Shirt: Three Eighty Two // Jeans: Black Orchid Denim


Shirt: Project Social // Tank: Cami NYC // Jeans: Black Orchid Denim // Similar Shoes: Kendall And Kylie


Dress: Three Eighty Two


Shirt: Sincerely Jules // Jeans: Frame Denim

Just a little to hold you over for my spring fashion extravaganza…because I’ve stepped up my fashion game in a big way thanks to someone I’ll introduce you to very soon…

To shop these looks click the image below:


Ps…be sure to check out my weekly YouTube videos HERE!!  Here’s my most recent one on Valentine’s Day Glam.


Photos By: Kelsey Cherry, Madding McFadden and Catherine Truman



Do you ever wonder what those abbreviations the kids use stand for?  I mean omg, lol, brb, I’ve got those, but then it gets hazy…and I go to Google.  So when I started my fashion and beauty blogging and videos I had to educate myself on the ootd, wiw, motd, types.  And let me help you…WIW is what I’m wearing or what I wore.  So now you get this post, it’s about what I’m wearing in winter.  And Winter in Nashville…well let’s just say it’s diverse.


First off, sneakers.  So I’ll admit I just got cool and started calling them sneakers when I was corrected twice by Val(the pro dancer on dancing with the stars) one day.  I said, “OMG Val I love your tennis shoes!”  He pulls me under his shirtless wing and says, “They’re sneakers.” “Oh but I always call them…” “No, they’re sneaker, say sneakers…” “Oh, sneakers, I like your sneakers…” Lesson learned.  Not so bad.  But really.  Sneakers are where it’s at and my collection is building.  Not Nike tennis shoes but sleek styles like the ones below.  I wear them with boyfriend jeans and t shirts, or with a fancy fur coat.  I am wayyyy into this trend.  Here are my 10 faves at all different price points.



Next I’m loving a throw on piece that’s a blend between a poncho, a sweater and a coat…a sweachoat?  I’ll call it that.  But ready, you can have your workout clothes under one of these things and you will look nothing less than fashion forward.  And a fit one at that.  Dang you fit ones.  This is also a look you can rock with your sneakers.  Here are my 5 faves, some on SUPER sale.  So hurry if you want them.




And last but not least I love textures, especially furs.  Faux fur, real fur, whatever kind is fur you is cool with me.  I like throwing on my vests or lately because it’s so cold my long jackets.  And I LOVE black on black on black with furs.  It says luxury to me.  Here are some textured options with all the fur and faux fur you could ever need.  Here are my faves…several on sale.


So get bundled up and withstand this whack weather in style.  Thanks for reading my friends.  Much more coming soon now that the holidays are over.  And don’t forget to check out my weekly YouTube videos HERE.

Photos by: Kelsey Cherry 

Me too…mostly…except for my delinquency the past week or so on my blog because I got way busy with my YouTube and Insta.  But I’m back…with SOOOO many things I’ve been wearing lately that you need.  And OMG the makeup, I’ll tell you about the makeup later.  I’ve been on a bit of an out of control spender bender, but whatevs, tis’ the season.  So let me show you some of my faves from recent days all whilst hoping that you are feeling the magic of this season well up in your little elf self like I am.  Oh I love it!  First off…festive wear…and a new take on tacky Christmas.


Sweatshirt: Wildfox


Why be tacky when you can be cute tacky?  That’s my Christmas motto. Ok, next…plaid dresses!! Perfect for a gift, cooking up a Christmas ham, tearing into presents, you name it.  They have quickly become my absolute favorite this winter.  I love them alone, belted, or with a fur vest.  Here are my FAVES.



Dress: Rails // Vest: June // My Favorite Stores: H Audrey and White’s Mercantile 

And if you’re just looking to look like the angel you are, check out my favorite shirt of the season.  I mean does it not look like I have a set of angel wings that grew right out my little T-Rex arms??  See Santa…



Shirt: Jetset Diaries // Necklace: Brooke Worthington

So this is just a little Christmas teaser…much more coming soon!! And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE and check out my December Faves Video…especially if you’ve been a little naughty and haven’t shopped for anyone else yet.  I’ll help you out…and I won’t tell.

To shop these looks click the links below…


And most importantly, we all know what really makes this season is so magical.  It’s our faith, our families, our laughter, our peace, our hope and joy…our willingness to pour out LOVE.  I wish you and all your families a Merry Early Christmas and joy that comes out your ears.

Photos By: Kelsey Cherry and Madding McFadden

Ok, so dare I say Cyber Monday is like my Kentucky Derby?  Too far.  But that would be appropriate.  So since online shopping is my jam these days let me help you out big time.  These are my fave items from my fave sights with the best deals.  If you’re going to shop online and want the very best deals…TODAY IS THE DAY!!  Check out this collage I went all 6th grade and put together for you.  All you have to do is hover over what you like and click and it will take you straight to where da sales at.  And I chose these items because the sites they’re on are full of awesome gifts with the same great deals.  Shop till ya drop!  And the best part is…you don’t even have to leave your couch.


Or scroll through the items here…



So be sure to check out my faves right now: Shopbop(for everything), Revolve(for the cutest clothes and the best deal), Nasty Gal(cutest going out clothes and trendy bags and accessories), Sigma(the best makeup brush sales), Rag and Bone(my fave hats, boots and staples), H & M(best trendy clothes you won’t feel bad about buying), LuLu Frost(the coolest jewels), Rebecca Minkoff(the best affordable bags), and Cami NYC(the camp for every occasion).  And shop away!



Ok so this is an important gift to get right, because they gave us life and all.  So here is a gift guide I’ve put together for the moms in our lives.  Hover over the image and it will show the price and where it’s from and remember Shopbop is 25% off right now which is where two of the items are from.  And remember, these items aren’t just items I threw onto the list…they’re my absolute tried and true favorites that I own and love.  So make those mamas happy this Christmas!  Even though they say they don’t want anything at all…


Or just click the image here…



So there you go and remember shop these asap while the online sales last for Cyber Monday week!  And don’t forget to watch my youtube vids for how to get that perfect holiday glam look.  Check out this one I posted today.  Thanks for reading friends!!


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