Ok, so dare I say Cyber Monday is like my Kentucky Derby?  Too far.  But that would be appropriate.  So since online shopping is my jam these days let me help you out big time.  These are my fave items from my fave sights with the best deals.  If you’re going to shop online and want the very best deals…TODAY IS THE DAY!!  Check out this collage I went all 6th grade and put together for you.  All you have to do is hover over what you like and click and it will take you straight to where da sales at.  And I chose these items because the sites they’re on are full of awesome gifts with the same great deals.  Shop till ya drop!  And the best part is…you don’t even have to leave your couch.


Or scroll through the items here…



So be sure to check out my faves right now: Shopbop(for everything), Revolve(for the cutest clothes and the best deal), Nasty Gal(cutest going out clothes and trendy bags and accessories), Sigma(the best makeup brush sales), Rag and Bone(my fave hats, boots and staples), H & M(best trendy clothes you won’t feel bad about buying), LuLu Frost(the coolest jewels), Rebecca Minkoff(the best affordable bags), and Cami NYC(the camp for every occasion).  And shop away!



Ok so this is an important gift to get right, because they gave us life and all.  So here is a gift guide I’ve put together for the moms in our lives.  Hover over the image and it will show the price and where it’s from and remember Shopbop is 25% off right now which is where two of the items are from.  And remember, these items aren’t just items I threw onto the list…they’re my absolute tried and true favorites that I own and love.  So make those mamas happy this Christmas!  Even though they say they don’t want anything at all…


Or just click the image here…



So there you go and remember shop these asap while the online sales last for Cyber Monday week!  And don’t forget to watch my youtube vids for how to get that perfect holiday glam look.  Check out this one I posted today.  Thanks for reading friends!!


Can you believe it…it’s here.  Like what the??  2015 why did you leave so soon?  But oh well.  THE HOLIDAYSSSS HAVE ARRIVEDDDDD!!!!  And I am THE gift giving maniac.  I love it.  I always have.  So in the past before I had the blog or youtube I still was the goto to help my friends and family find the perfect gift.  Now I can share that with all of you!  So throughout the holiday season I’m going to scour the internet and stores and put together some collages of the hottest gifts of 2015…and for all the peeps who are tough to buy for.  And since beauty is my strength I’ll start with this one…What to get the Glam Girls!  So I’ve got a new tool for you to quickly look at my finds and see where they are from and how much they cost by just hovering your arrow over the items.  Then if you click them it takes you exactly where to buy.  I’ll also be doing more in depth videos of why I like the things I do and more about them.  So YAYYY!  I ain’t trying to steal yo thunder santa but you may need to step up your online options…hahahahohohoho!


Or here they are individually.


Many more coming soon!!


Yes, it’s a thing now…as is Nashville everything.  Like when did our city become the center of the universe?  But anyways, with all the fringe, suede, denim and flannel gracing the streets these days I figured it was time to do a post on a Nashville styled outfit.  And since I just got back from Dancing With The Stars in LA, I missed my city so I need to give it some love.


Shirt: Rails LA // Jeans: Goldsign // Bag: Jennifer Haley // Shoes: Rag and Bone

Swing that fringe ladies…and gentleman, I ain’t choosy.  But really, what is better than a style that melds fashionable with comfortable…like actually comfortable.  This is a look for work, a night out, or even a day of holiday travel.


And I love this Rails shirt imparticular because it doesn’t look like all the others.  Also, I wear it under a tan sweater when the weather gets cooler.


And what could be better to wear with this simple comfy look than simple fresh makeup?  The star of the show is this new gloss I got from RMS beauty.  It’s the perfect nude pink shade and is completely organic.  Word on the street is it’s the shade Giselle wears.  I’ll take that.



But y’all, for reals…this bag?!  I fell over dead when I walked into H Audrey in Nashville and saw the bags of Jennifer Haley fall down from the heavens.  Girl where have you been hiding all our lives?  Nothing says Nashville and southern like fringe, and our girl is killing it with the fringe game at the moment.  More of her to come.


And these poor little Rag and Bone booties…they’re probably so tired of having their picture taken, but sorry they’re my fall staple…and before I have to squeeze into some dang glitter heels soon for the holidays I’m wearing them on repeat.


So before we all get caught up in the snowmen and turkeys let’s keep it casual.  And as we shop and plan and as the excitement of the holidays swells let’s tip our hats to the city where country music was born and where everyone in the entire world is setting up shop.  Let’s keep Nashville alive pals.

To get these looks click the images below…



Photos by: Kelsey Cherry 

And remember to check out my YouTube channel HERE for beauty and lifestyle!!  And holiday gift guides coming very soon!  So speaking of Dancing With The Stars…which partner should I choose…


Black on black on black, it’s no longer reserved for Hot Topic or when you feel 20 lbs overweight…it’s the new frontier.  And one I’ve been exploring on repeat.  I feel it can transition from an everyday look to a dressy night out.  And I always feel fashionable and edgy in all the right ways.


Hat: Janessa Leone // Shirt: IRO // Leggings: Spanx // Boots: Old Gringo

And something else I’ve been going with is mixing up my hat and shoe game with this trend.  At first when I adorned my head with this Janessa Leone hat I felt a bit Montgomery Gentry, then I played around with it and fell in love with the larger brim.  It made a larger statement.  Don’t limit yourself to a floppy brim brown hat for the fall…mix it up.  You’ll love it, I know.  I get all my hats at my favorite store in all the land, H Audrey, as well as most of my other duds.  However, if you aren’t in Nashville click the links to see where you can find them too.


Similar Less Expensive Hat: HERE


And there has never been a cooler holy shirt.  I’ve shown you guys the short sleeved version before, but I love these IRO shirts so much I have to get all versions.  I love the appearance of the holes when everything else is black and covered.  I wear these under my vests in the winter too.


But the real star of the show are these leggings.  Say hello to my very favorite piece for the fall and winter Spanx Leggings.  I had to get them in every color after I tried on a pair.   They’re magical.  They’re selling out everywhere for good reason, so get them fast.  I got a Medium because I don’t like to feel too restricted, but it’s up to you how sucked in you’re willing to be.  I got them in camo too and LOVE them.  Get those HERE.


Gosh, are you guys just elated for Fall and Winter!?!  I know I am!  And I’m so excited to show you so much more.  And don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel HERE.  I’m doing two videos a week and it’s only just begun with all of this online content.  Thanks for reading friends.  Click the links below if you want to know more about these pieces or buy them for yourself!




Photos by: Kelsey Cherry

Clearly translated into why not?  And with the beautiful wine shade and the price of under $70 you get the point.  I’m taking a stand today.  A stand against wearing the same dang dresses over and over this holiday and wedding season.  Let’s all take some risks and some plunges…and for the price of what I’m finding it ain’t even gonna hurt ya.


Dress: Asos

I mean, this color, let’s talk about this color…So I will admit I have quite the problem with ordering things I like in every color, which is what I did with this one.  However, I sent the other one back.  It was a little see through and at 20 that would have worked, but at the latter end of that decade, it ain’t working no mo.  But this color so is, and since I feel like we’re all fine wines in our ‘older age’ why not rock the color.  This one is more purple which I love too.


Necklace: Similar Here // Or To Go Fancier: This One


And what I’m really loving too about this look is how it shows a little skin but is still pretty covering with the long sleeves.  I’ve always loved that look.  For those of you who want to show off your legs this is a look you’ll want to try.


Shoes: Christian Louboutin

And the trusty ole Louboutin…yes they’re expensive but I wear mine ALL the time.  Any nude pump would work, or also a metallic sandal.


So make a statement for a little of nothing…also don’t forget to grab some double stick tape…you don’t want to make that kind of statement.  Just wanted to throw this cute inexpensive look up while I’m working on some way fancy stuff for fall and winter.  WOOOO!!  Thanks for reading friends!  And don’t forget to check out my YOUTUBE!!



Photos by: Kelsey Cherry


What if you fell in love with a dress, bought it in two colors, then it went on sale TWICE a few days later?  Then you would be me.  My very favorite dress of fall just betrayed me deeply, but hey, more for all of you.  I LOVE a long sleeve mini dress.  I LOVE this ashy tan mixed with stark white.  I LOVE the silk, and the way it makes fall transition weather as smooth as its texture.  So pictures speak louder than words right, so take a gander…and grab one fast if you like it.  One of the sales ends tomorrow.  And just check out the site in general.  All of it is 25% off and it’s my favorite go to site. Click HERE to see all the Shopbop splendor!


Dress: Helena Quinn // Bag: Louis Vuitton // Tan: Loving Tan // Jewels: David Yurman

sJORB5430 sJORB5454

Shoes: Similar ones on SALE!!

sJORB5479 sJORB5484 sJORB5523 sJORB5553

And lastly I need to tell you something about this WOW tanning mousse that just dropped down from the heavens to me.  So I’m featuring it in a youtube video within days but I couldn’t help but spill the beans.  I am such a tanner connoisseur.  I’ve used them all, and this Loving Tan takes the cake.  And you apply it with a mitt in like 3 minutes.  It’s like a miracle.  Favorite beauty find of 2015!!


So although I’m mad that after buying this in both colors I’m still smiling because at least you guys can benefit from these back to back sales if you so choose!  Thanks for reading.  To shop this look click the photos below…and don’t forget to check out my new youtube channel HERE!!


Photos by: Kelsey Cherry


Do you find yourself in a bit of a predicament this time of year?  You’re a teacher, or a parent, or just a plain ole grown woman who’s not trying to be a sexy kitten or Elsa this Halloween season.  Well, I feel ya.  Actually I don’t, what am I talking about?  I totally find myself spray painting the last sprinkle on my elaborate cupcake costume, or carving a shrimp out of floral foam for my sushi roll get up in the still of the night…but…for all you non-loons out there, I’m here to help you.  Where do you fall when we want to be festive but can’t find the right get up?  I got you…and for the loons, wait for my Halloween youtube vids where I’ll show you how to create the coolest most uncomfortable costumes ever for this Hallows Eve.


Sweatshirt: Wildfox // Jeans: Frame Denim or Similar Less Expensive Version

And I’m not saying you have to save this festive wear for Halloween only…NO WAY!!  You can rock this look at a pumpkin patch, on a date with an open minded man or to a workplace Halloween party.  You will be the bell of the ball you little Jack o Lantern you.



Pick me!! Pick MEEEEE!!!



So here we go…the COOLEST grown woman getups I could find.  If you’re like me, you’ll keep this and wear it year after year and don’t mind spending a little more.  But if you’re just taking a walk on the wild side to try it out, don’t be scared, I found you some less expensive options too.  Be sure to check out my new youtube HERE for more!  Also I’ll be doing some way cool Halloween makeup and costume tutorials to go along with these cool duds.  And click these links below to see where to buy these!  See ya soon BOOS.


Wait…you really thought I’d stop at shirts…witch please.  This is my FAVE time of year.  Check out these monstrous finds too!!


Photos by my BOO: Kelsey Cherry

PS…I bet your patch visits don’t look like this…haha…the things I do for all of you…


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