So…I’ve spent the weekend chasing waterfalls and such with my family in Smithville, Tn.  I’m the oldest of a wild bunch of 23 first cousins who all grew up on the same farm in Kentucky and when we get together it’s quite magical. It’s a little over an hour from Nashville and there are these fancy cabins you stay in that make it much more like GLAMping than camping, but I’m not complaining.  What a treasure we found in our own backyard…

waterfallCarmack Falls // Smithville, Tn // The Inn at Evins Mill

And one key thing for me whilst adventuring and traveling and such is comfort…in comes this dress that I probably could have fit about half my family in and still had room.

suno                                  Dress: Suno // Shoes: Tory Burch // Bracelets: Cartier

IMG_2695                    Bracelets: Cartier

And less is always more on trips like this one.  The less jewels and bags the better.  These bracelets screw on and they don’t come off until I unscrew them…perfect for not getting lost on a vacation in my opinion.  And this tiny tortoise shell monogrammed clutch holds just what I need and is durable and compact…perfect for getaways.



Clutch: The Pink Giraffe Boutique

And most importantly in this quick entry I want to remind you that getaways don’t have to be elaborate.  You don’t have to travel to another country(or even state), take weeks off of work, pack 3 suitcases…sometimes there are treasures like the one my family found this weekend within hours of your home.  And I encourage all of you to find them and make the time to explore this grand land we live upon!…Ok…exciting stuff coming this week!!

Ps…Bug spray takes off spray tan. Bad.

Photos by: Madding McFadden

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Dress: Rebecca Taylor // Bangles: Cartier, Kenneth Jay Lane and Jade(from China) // Ring: David Yurman

I scream, you scream, we all scream for it but I definitely scream the loudest for it…or the voice inside my head does.  If you ever went to Golden Corall and saw the little girl dipping her soft serve directly into the container of sprinkles, her name was Mallory and that wasn’t her first cone.  The struggle.  And my love of a good ice cream has not left me(unfortunately) as my metabolism slowed and it became unacceptable to dip your cone into the container because I was, well, grown…So I’m always on a hunt for great places in whatever city I’m in for real soft serve and real sprinkles…in comes a Nashville treasure called Bobbie’s Dairy Dip.  And Nums…


Now on to the other Bobbi that was involved…and one I have been in a long term commitment with, Bobbi Brown.  For this look at the Dairy Dip I wanted to wear pinks and purples on my eyes and, duh glitter…and the perfect pink sparkle beautiful shadow you’ve ever known is called Bobbi Brown Watercolor Pink Sparkle Eye Shadow.  You can get it in the Smokey Nudes Eye Palette which is a goto of mine or individually.  I am wearing a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush in Coral, and her Metallic Purple Shimmer Gel Liner as my bottom liner.  Bobbis UNITE!


Liner: BB Metallic Purple Gel Liner // Blush: BB Shimmer Blush Coral // Shadow: BB Smokey Nudes Palette

Now for one quick Bobbi story since it is throwback thursday and all…So as I was preparing for my first trip around the world my dad was helping me pack and was completely obsessed with the weight of my pack being under 11 pounds.  So one day I walk out into the garage and he has a hand saw and my Bobbi Brown makeup brushes in his hands, and is proceeding to saw the wooden handle off of all my brushes.  I was like, “Dad, what are you doing!?!”  The man of few words continues sawing and says, “weighs too much.”  “Dad, that’s not going to make that big of a difference and those are so expensive!”  So I started to walk back inside because he usually knows best when he says, “They can’t be that good he’s a rapper he don’t know nothing about makeup.”  He still may not know that the Bobbi Brown that makes my favorite makeup and brushes is not the one who was married to the late Whitney Houston…but whatevs…he meant well.

Photos by the fabulous: Madding McFadden

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So…BEAUTY…my most favorite of all!  This is the category I know the most
about and have spent the most time perfecting.  And before I take it to the house with my miraculous tutorials I want to teach you the basics real quick.  You can’t start school until you know the ABCs so here are my makeup and beauty ABC’s.

I have love affairs with all kinds of products…but these are the ones that are tried and true in my opinion. Each week, or maybe twice a week I’ll take 5 letters of the Alphabet and I’ll share my favorite product beginning with that letter.  I’ll tell you about it and why it’s a must have.  So we’ll get started with A, B, C, D and E…

A. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick – I LOVE Anastasia’s entire line, but there’s something awesome about the colors she’s come out with in this Liquid Lipstick line.  They’re also the only lipstick I’ve found that doesn’t bleed into the creases of my lips.  I love the color Pure Hollywood and I usually line my lips first with a mauve or rose colored liner then apply.  You’ll love it!  It’s my goto.

B. Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills – This brow pencil saved my life in 2014.  I have NEVER found a brow product that I can call perfect on any brow.  I outline the brow then fill it in.  It has magic in it I swear.  The color Taupe seems to work on everyone, which is crazy.  It’s one of my top 5 beauty products of all time.  Do you know what ‘brows on fleek’ means…you’ll know after using this pencil.

C. Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics – If you ever fell asleep and someone drew with a Sharpie all over your face and you didn’t have time to wash it off…no joke…this would cover it.  If I were only allowed one piece of makeup to wear forever this would be it.  I took it through the pageant world, around the world in my backpack and still use it everyday.  I apply it under my eyes and in a V shape all the way down to my nose and blend it.  You won’t believe this concealer.

D. Dior Forever Foundation – I go through stages with foundations and tend to use different ones depending on the season, the spray tan, the event, but this is the one I’m currently using and always come back to.  It’s great full coverage and lasts all day but doesn’t feel heavy.  I apply it with my hands sometimes and a beauty blender sometimes.  I’m using shade 23 right now.

E. Eyelashes – I get so many questions about my lashes.  I have been through the mascara stages, the Latisse stages, the false lash stages and am now blissfully living in the extension stage.  So in my opinion lashes can make a whole face look different.  I walk out the door many mornings with no makeup on because my extensions make me look put together somehow.  The thicker and longer the better for me.  I’m up in the Barry’s Bootcamp looking like Mr. Snufaluffagus, but it’s my jam.  I get mine done at Nashville Lash by Ashton and only fill them once a month.  The price varies depending on city and type of lash.

So your homework is to play with makeup…which ironically was my homework in real school a lot of the time.  Let me know what you think of the products and share your ABCDE faves in the comments below.




When I pictured the image of my blog photoshoots I pictured myself in a white flowy dress on a bluff in Mykonos, effortlessly capturing shot after shot of the finest quality…in reality it’s more like me in an alleyway sitting on a concrete block covered in fire ants in my DIY denim shorts trying to appear artistic by a graffiti image of a blonde who looks like me…I’m a straight fool…but whatevs, carry on.

I’m a country gurrrlllllll…through and through. So I can’t get away from a few things like denim, gingham, bandanas and fringe. And I live in a city where the vibe is just that. Mixing country with everything else. And one of my style secrets has been mixing things up. So duh, easy first fashion post…here are some of my faves…and all from local boutiques in my city!

denim close                            Shirt: Rails // Skirt: Chan Luu // Jewelry: David Yurman // Boutiques: H Audrey and Hemline

denim and sequins

And why not be the dancing queen in some flat shoes…because everyone knows I ain’t tall.

denimshoesShoes: Tory Burch // Manicure: Shellac Gold Glitter

And I’ll eventually do a whole post on Rails shirts…but here’s a little preview of a couple of my favorites in gingham with my favorite fringed bag.

believe Shirt: Rails // Skirt: Mother // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

oldclutch                               Bag: Old Clutch // Skirt: Mother

And last but not least the bandana.  If you know me you know the strong tie I have to the bandana.  I can’t run through my real like with a sweaty yellow one around my head so I opt for ones like this…

bandana                                Dress: Alexander Wang // Necklace: Mignonne Gavigan

swingArms: Barrys Bootcamp

Like I said…I don’t have it all together yet, but I’m on my way.  Hope you like it so far. Woo! And to shop this post click the images below!


Dress: Sherri Hill // Earrings: Jim Ball // Bracelet: David Yurman // Makeup: Full list coming soon //

Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Pink Mauve Liner and Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood Liquid Lipstick

So this one time I won a pageant. And each year they invite me back where I willingly squeeze myself into a beautiful Sherri Hill gown like a big ole sausage and try and appear elegant whilst standing next to Heather French Henry(the forever Miss America and my friend to whom grace comes easily). I paint my makeup on like a drag queen and smile…then I remember…lawd knows I didn’t win for my grace and polished presentation…I won for the fire I had in me and the spirit I couldn’t quite contain. And this weekend at Miss Kentucky I was reminded of that. The first couple days I tried the pageant song and dance then slowly I let it all go and finally cut loose on that stage singing Fancy and Girl Crush (watch it here Mallory Singing Girl Crush). To let the grown black woman singing voice out of me I can’t be wearing the gown that it took 4 people to zip in the dressing room backstage(true story).  I need one like this Sequin Swing Dress.  I always do forget to breathe…or that I have to breathe. Also the brand Single has great sequined dresses that allow for things like breathing.  I also go hard core heavy on my contour for stage.  Kat Von D is my go to contour kit at the moment to make my face look less moon pie on stage.  I’ll show you how to use it in my tutorial to come…I can’t spill all my secrets at once!  But I will share one more quick secret…the girls in these things are actually really nice and awesome.  It’s much less cat fight and much more painting abs on each other with a paint brush and spray tan in the bathroom at 3 am.  I’ll teach you that too.

I get asked all the time, what’s the secret to winning…well there are a lot but the biggest one is be yourself. It took me a while to figure that out.

And while I’d LOVE the image the world had of me in a pageant was this one…


I’m quite certain it’s this image that’s burned into their brains forever…thank you for loving me for me.  Tutorial for the above look in coming posts…

sketchOh and congrats to our new Miss Kentucky Clark Davis…get it girl!!!!!



It’s funny how one thing leads to another in life…especially mine. How growing up in a small town led me to big dreams…singing country music led me to Miss America…Miss America led me to The Amazing Race…The Amazing Race led me to hosting travel shows…….so on and so on….

Through all these travels and experiences I’ve learned a thing or two about a thing or two. About travel, makeup, hair, fashion, people, and life in general, and everyday I have people asking me to share my secrets. Well I’ve never been great at keeping secrets anyway…so…here they come. Welcome to my newest venture. I’ll be going on a new journey while sharing all the secrets and tips I’ve learned from the ones before.  I’ll teach you how to go from looking like you could work in a haunted house(for example, the before photo of me above) to looking like a beauty queen, how to travel like Anthony Bourdain and how to dress to impress for all occasions. I’ll tell you about my many bouts with diets and fitness.  About allllllll the things that worked and the things that so did not…and how to lose 20 lbs in a month if you so choose to ‘crash diet’(not recommended).  And if none of that works I’ll teach you how to do the best spray tan you could ever imagine to tan what you can’t ‘tone’. I’ll shine a spotlight on my favorite places, products, and people, and I’ll answer all your questions. I’ll even teach you how to help your man not go bald…really…I have so many tricks up my sleeve. So here goes…and to think it all started with InstaGLAMMING these shocking before and afters of makeovers I did on myself, my sister and my bestie Shawn.  I’ll have links to all the products I’m using, things I’m wearing and places I’m at to make it easy for you to check it out if you so choose…and if not at least keep coming back and reading about all the goings on…



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