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I used to wash my face like a boy. With random things in the shower or a WalMart Clean and Clear wash here and there. Then I would invest in an 8 step skincare religious regimen that I would do for like 10 days, then back to nothing. As I added on the years I added on the products and now I’ve found an absolutely AMAZING skincare routine that I’ve stuck to since last November. MY SKIN HAS TRANSFORMED! My friend Alex who has amazing skin shared her product line up with me and I added a couple and took a couple away and arrived at this one. So I know I talk a lot about my beauty routine on Instagram so now that it’s tried and true I wanted to link my official products for all of you.

Elemis Pro Cleansing Balm– I like to take off my makeup with this. It’s super nourishing and rich – it leaves my skin feeling so clean and glowing!

IS Clinical Cleansing Complex– This cleanser is so good to use after you’ve removed your makeup. My friend Jess(@jesssouthern on IG) turned me onto it years ago and it helps boost cell turnover and tighten the appearance of your pores. It leaves your skin super clean but not dry which is impossible with a lot of good cleansers.

Dr Gross Universal Daily Peel– Okay this peel is sooo good and foolproof! I usually do it 5 days a week to exfoliate. It’s important to clear your skin of the things that block all these good products. You do the step one pad for 2 minutes and then do the second one. It’s helps reduce dullness like you wouldn’t believe!

Osmosis Rescue-Epidermal Repair Serum– Now this serum is the DREAM. I use this once a day, so either morning or night. It helps with redness while also helping improving skin tone and tightness. If I had to pick any product that is the game changer in this lineup it’s this one.

TNS Essential Serum-This serum helps to regenerate skin cells and I’ve gone back to it for years and years. I’ve shared it before but now that I’m back on it I wanted to share it again. It’s not necessary to do both serums, you could choose this one or the Osmosis serum above. I use both because I had both and if you do just make sure one dries completely before applying the other. A lot of people say this is the best serum on the market.

Skin Medica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator– In the morning I use this one instead of the above serums for an extra boost of moisture. HA5 is 5 different hyaluronic acids in one and it’s a dream. You could use any hyaluronic for this morning step. They’re all the rage right now and you can find them in dropper form or pump or whatever you prefer. I like this one because it’s good for all skin types and helps balance moisture levels no matter what’s going on with my skin. And it even gives you EIGHT hours of continuous moisture!! It’s pricey though and another one would probably do the trick if you wanted to replace it.

Hydrance Rich Hydrating Cream-I love this moisturizer to help keep my skin hydrated + nourished. You can use this day and night!

Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask– Ok this mask…I don’t know how more people aren’t talking about this mask because it’s a DREAM. It’s so good for hydration and its anti inflammatory ingredients help with puffiness and over-worked skin. Praise the Lord! I leave this mask on overnight for extra moisture several nights a week 🙌🏻.

So there you go! You can always replace steps with more affordable products…I did that for years as I got on and off the skincare wagon. My skin is the first thing I really started to splurge on when I was able to and I’m so glad I did for all the damage I did to it for years. I’m making up for lost time these days.

Also Sephora is having their HUGE spring sale- going on right now!! Check that out HERE!

Apr 19, 2020

My Skincare Routine


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