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BEST TRIP EVER! I know I may have felt that way before, but this trip replenished my soul. There was something for everyone this time. I’ve been coming to this area for 30 years so believe me when I tell you I know how to do a mountain vacation…even with KIDS! We were able to explore as a family, sneak in a date nights, mountain bike, shop and so much more. If you are looking for a well-rounded family vacation, summer in Vail is it!  Now let me try and convince all you ocean lovers…


SOlaris residences

Staying in the Residences is a one of a kind experience that is cozy luxury. These wonderfully expansive units gave our young family plenty of space to rest and recuperate from full days spent in the Vail Village. The central location, amenities(though the pool is inside) and concierge services make it hard to leave. We always feel right at home! We’ve also done big family holidays here too and they’re so accommodating!

Four Seasons Vail

The Four Seasons always has a special place in my heart. We’ve been frequenting it for years and it’s better every time. From the outdoor pool to the remedy bar it’s a place you can stay all day. It’s not right on the mountain, but still offers incredible views of the slopes and services to get your skis there in the winter. They have a wonderful spa that includes steam rooms and saunas, which are the perfect way to unwind after skiing or mountain biking all day!


Mountain Standard

The sister restaurant to Sweet Basil, and equally as amazing. The food at Mountain Standard is sophisticated yet rustic. And the vibe so so cozy and mountain-y(if that’s a word). You need to book all these pretty far in advance also. They also have a cool bar you can snag a seat at if you’re lucky.

sweet basil

One of the most popular spots in the village – for a good reason! Creative American dishes that are worth the wait. Call ahead to get a reservation! The meal Kyle and I had there this trip was literally one of the best I’ve ever had in my life!


From the famous owner of Nobu, this is our favorite sushi EVER! And we love sushi. Not only is the food to die for, but the large windows facing the mountains is incredible as well. Every single course is breathtaking. Take my word for it.

the little diner

The perfect spot to take the kid’s for your favorite diner food. Chicken and waffles, fluffy pancakes, blueberry syrup… the boys were in heaven! It also has a super cool bar where locals and snow boarders like to hang. It’s also fun to explore Lionshead Village which is where it’s located!

Beau JO’s

Nestled in the old mining town of Idaho Springs is this unbeatable pizza joint. Known for its handmade crust, we make a point to stop here with our family on our way into Vail every time. You will want to stock up on quarters, the boys favorite part this year were the arcade games in the front.


Located in the Four Seasons, Flame is one of our favorites for a special brunch or date night.

Yeti Grind

Located directly under the Solaris Residences, Yeti Grind offers a huge variety of coffee choices. If you have a sweet tooth like Kyle and the boys, you will love their cinnamon rolls and croissants too. My favorite the is the matcha!



This mountain western store had a line out the door every time we passed by, but let me tell you… it’s worth the wait! You can get anything your heart desires here. Custom cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and bandanas were some of my favorites. The boys each got their first pair of boots with their names branded into them! They did it right there on the spot it’s such a fun souvenir!

Rocket Fizz

A blast to the past, and a store that doesn’t even have an Instagram account. This hidden gem is in the center of Lionshead right next to a fun kids playground to run their sugar highs off. They have all of the retro candy your heart could desire, along with candies we love today. Our favorite part of the store was a vintage TV that Kyle’s grandparents used to have, the surprise was, it still works! They also have candies from around the world!

Eye Pieces of Vail

We stopped by this store to get Kyle his first pair of sunglasses in what seems like 20 years, and we left with that and so much more! After spending the past year editing and writing my book on the computer I knew I needed new glasses. I haven’t had a real pair of glasses in years, so walking out of there with these special green Jacques Marie Mage glasses was just what the doctor ordered!


Mountain Biking

There are so many options in Vail Village and Lionshead to rent awesome and durable bikes. Kyle had to go to quite a few of them to find one that would fit my 5’1” frame. Thats how we landed at the Hub, a great store with affordable prices and a bike to fit everyone!

Epic Passes

When we hike and mountain bike, we get our gondola passes from Epic Pass. Make sure to check out the website for all of the information, because the operations are ever evolving. Passes during the snow season sell out early!


Kyle and I had the time of our lives as we braved the wild outdoors. He even took off a few mornings and started out with a morning run through the mountains. We love that Vail Mountains offer a wide variety of challenging and leisurely trail paths that everyone can enjoy. From our experience, we say, hike any time, even in the rain!


Our home away from home. Even when we aren’t staying here, we are drawn back to the Four Seasons world class spa and heated pool. Enjoy a massage or facial, and a quick soak while the kiddos rest!

Farmers Market

If you get the chance to be in Vail on a Sunday, this market is one you don’t want to miss! Open from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm, you will find 100+ vendors, all sixteen weeks of the summer. It’s safe to say a stop here will give you a well rounded taste of all that Colorado has to offer!


We love having time in the mountains with the boys, but on occasion we adventure alone or have date nights. We LOVE to use Care 4 kids, their owner, Ryan, is the absolute best! Their employees are always prompt, fun, and affordable. His contact number is 970-376-7228. (SORRY RYAN!)


Tucked away in the foothills of the mountains were amazing parks and recreational activities for both Ford and Shepherd. We frequented Pirate Ship Park and Ford Park during our visit. On a walk home from Lionshead one day, we stopped to admire the Firetrucks and much to our surprise a fire fighter came out and gave the boys the most in-depth tour, they even got junior Firefighter gear! The boys spent a few hours and wished to spend many more splashing through Vail’s Children Fountain in the center of Vail Village. After we summited the mountain in Lionshead, Ford so bravely jumped on the trampoline that overlooked the mountain, it is part of a larger activity park called Adventure Ridge. Although we explored so much, there is sure to be even more waiting for us on our next visit!

Our Vail, CO summer vacation was one for the books!! We could not be more grateful we had this time together as a family before school and fall begin. It was so good, that we are already planning our early spring 2022 winter vacation there! Keep an eye out for those adventures and all that we have coming up over the next few months! Thanks for reading and leave a comment below if you plan to visit!

Aug 28, 2021

Vail Summer Travel Guide


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