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With every season change there comes a sense of refresh and renew.  But fall has always felt a little different.  It doesn’t have the same anticipation as spring or summer.  After all, we know winter is coming and the colder months can be a bit bleak.  But we don’t have to view this change as a negative.  Hibernation is not wasted time, it’s a purposeful reset.  

Isn’t it kind of wild that leaves are the most beautiful when they’re dying? As pretty as the views can be, it can be overwhelming to think of all the things this season signals.

Of course we’re talking the holidays.  It almost seems to run together like HallowThanksgivChristmaNewYear- one right after the other.  If we’re not careful, we could easily slip through the season running around trying to make everything perfect.  What if instead we could just enjoy the little moments that come with the holidays?  Instead of spending excessive amounts of time and money on the “perfect” Halloween costume, or skipping out early on Thanksgiving dinner just to score the best Black Friday deals, try to stay present and truly enjoy the season.  

Easier said than done, trust me I know.  Everyone puts so much pressure on themselves during this time of the year.  But how much of that pressure is even real?  Would anyone really be upset if you asked for help?

One way I try to de-stress during the holidays is making sure I practice mindfulness throughout the year. Many crucial parts of our daily routine go unattended when our schedule gets crowded.  We might think these little things won’t make a difference, but they quickly add up.  Here’s a few tips for how I try to stay present during this change of season.

1. Know your feelings are valid

It’s important to acknowledge your feelings and check-in with yourself this time of year.  Some people may feel guilty for feeling drained during what’s supposed to be a fun season.  This then adds even more frustration to your plate!  You can’t force yourself to be happy 24/7, so make sure when you do start to get a little overwhelmed you take time to do an activity that combats that feeling of stress.

2. Be realistic

I know I may come off as an eternal optimist, but sometimes we can easily get carried away trying to make everything just right during the holidays.  This could be applied to many areas like a holiday budget, or making sure you don’t spread yourself too thin.  While the changing of the season can be magical, make sure you don’t get lost in the delusion of perfection.

3. Keep up those healthy habits

Many use the holidays as an excuse for abandoning habits they’ve been working on all year.  Don’t let this be where you fall off the wagon (pun intended;). Some ways that I try to stay on track during this busy season is by adding healthy twists to traditional holiday treats.  I also try to always plan time for workouts, even if it’s only 15 minutes!  Even small steps in the right direction can benefit you. But our body isn’t the only thing we have to keep healthy this season.  We must also exercise our mind.  A good night’s sleep can greatly improve your peace of mind.  Also, practicing a few minutes of meditation or prayer every day will do wonders as we prepare for the upcoming season.  

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Like I said earlier, no one is going to judge you for needing a little extra help during the holidays.  But we can’t expect our loved ones to be mind readers.  We have to make sure we voice our concerns to them.  Our friends and family want to help us, but it’s our responsibility to ask.  No one can do everything at once.  When people we love come to us for help, we are eager to do so.  We don’t even think twice about it.  So why is it so hard to ask others for help?  Sometimes the expectations we put on ourselves can be pretty unreasonable.  A lil extra help never hurt nobody. *wink emoji*

As we go into this fall season and the holidays let’s try to borrow some wisdom from nature.  Instead of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle, let’s strive for meaningful change.  Even if we have to slow things down a bit, every moment we spend in the present is time well spent.

Happy fall y’all!!


Sep 23, 2021

Thoughts Entering the Autumn Season


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