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For this episode, I was so lucky to sit down at my kitchen table with one of my favorite authors, Jessica Turner. The author of Stretched Too Thin and The Fringe Hours, Jessica writes books that encourage working moms to take care of themselves and use their time in a more fulfilling way. Listen in as she opens up about how to find a perfectly imperfect balance and what it truly means to thrive Guilt can be such a huge issue for working moms, and Jessica addresses it in the

Today I’m going to be talking about my experience with YouTube, Instagram, blogging, and more. While I don’t love the word influencer, I open up about how strong this word actually is and its bigger meaning. You’ll get insight into my journey as I share the good and the bad about the influencer space and its role in my life. Listen in to learn why I poured myself into blogging, as well as the effect it had on me and my healing. I will also share how important it is

If we find ourselves depending on relationships for all of our happiness and joy, that can be a big sign that something isn’t right. In this episode, my husband, Kyle DiMeola, and I sit down and share our own relationship story and our thoughts on what it takes to build a positive and fulfilling relationship. We will talk about things that have worked for us, from the importance of knowing ourselves to therapy and learning how to be in true communication filled with love and understanding. Many people see how

When you are surrounded by a world that is telling you what should make you happy or successful, it’s important to get out of the noise and find what truly brings you life. My dad, Gary Ervin, is joining us on this episode to talk about the important lessons he has learned from taking risks and making mistakes. His insight on finding meaning, making good decisions, and focusing on what’s truly important is valuable for anyone and everyone to hear. Listen in to hear Gary share how he decided to

A lot of people don’t want to talk about the dark times, but in order to live in the light and live a full life, you have to face unpleasant things sometimes. Learning from and finding ways to move forward from hard times is often what shapes us and allows us to move into a greater space of purpose. Ashley LeMieux is my good friend, as well as a speaker, author, and thought leader who has faced some super dark times and has an inspiring story and message to share

Staying connected, inspired, and driven to do our best in this crazy life isn’t always easy, so I’m excited to (finally!) bring you this podcast, where you will hear stories from me, my guests, and my friends that will help motivate you to live your life to the fullest. In this premiere episode, I open up about myself and my story so you can get to know me and why the message of living fully is so important for me to share. Listen in to learn how I got through

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